Bin Laden Tape

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Feb 12, 2003.

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  1. Thx for bringing this up Cashie .... More Bollix

    Fancy a devout muslim fanatic not knowing his Islamic moon catalogue...

    Since the first hour of the US campaign on 20 Rajab 1422, corresponding to 7 October 2001, our centres were exposed to a concentrated bombardment.

    20 Rajab 1422 actually corresponds to Wednesday 10th of October

    How odd......

    ...and would a muslim fanatic say this?>

    The modified C-130 aircraft kept carpet-bombing us at night, using modern types of bombs.

    How the fcuk would he know what type of aircraft it is, and why call it modified?
  2. Yes very odd and bollix. the tape reffered to the bombing of Tora Bora as 'last year', when quite clearly the bombing took place in 2001!!
    the US  public have now been told to stock up and make fortresses of their homes. Mass hysteria? government control? i think so!
    Our government are at it. Troops at heathrow? Hmmmmmnnn.......  Dr John Reid (labour party chairman) today on radio 2 couldn't even give a specific threat!
    This whole thing stinks
  3. I have to agree with you guys,
     It is spin manipulation of the media to get exactly the right reaction from the not so savvy public. The sad thing is that they (the Governments) are getting away with it.
    After sept11th when the Afghanistan campaign began any footage in bin liner or tape was scrutinised and eventually most were said to be old tapes or fakes, low and behold this is the real McCoy. John Reid should be ashamed of himself, after stating that an attack on the scale of sept11th is imminent on London then virtually immediately saying he was misinterpreted, this once again is mixed and confusing statements that lead nowhere and give out miss information to help the cause. I just hope one day that the public don’t doubt the Gestapo we have running our country but understand that they are liars cheats and will do anything to gain control over all our lives, this isn’t Labour, Labour died along with John Smith.
  4. Yup!....

    Create Fear...Control the People