Bin Laden jokes

People are saying that the death of Osama Bin Laden was Americas gift to Will and Kate...

Cool, I'm gonna try that at the next wedding I go 2...

"Congratulations, I'm so happy 4 U both. I wasn't sure what to get you, so here's a dead Paki."

Apparently, Bin Laden had a 25 million dollar price tag on his head.

What kind of ridiculous, designer turban was he wearing?

wonder if Al Qaeda are going to release a Memorial Boxset of all Bin Laden's tapes now that he's dead.

News: U.S forces kill Osama Bin Laden

Dumb bastard must've disguised himself as a British soldier

Bradford is now in a day of mourning

What else you got?
only the yanks could take the bins out on bank holiday and get a reasult............
elton john to release a commemorative single in light of osama's death.....
''sandals in the bin''


I can't believe my muslim boyfriend dumped me... oh well, plenty more in the sea...


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Q. What's gooey and wet and good for filling little holes in the wall?
A. OBL'S head.


When he heard that there may be American soldiers disguised as couriers trying to infiltrate his compound, Osama set up patrols to look for them. First patrol was Omar, Muhammed, Abdul, Akbar, and Richard.


10 years to hunt him down and kill him.

If they tried rescuing him at first he would have been dead straight away! :)



World Hide & Seek Championship results are in....
Bronze: Anne Frank
Silver: Osama Bin Laden
Gold: Madeleine McCann
America has confirmed the death of Osama Bin Laden....See what they are capable of when the Playstation network is down?
Bin Laden has been killed by a US led operation.And we Brits thought the NHS was bad.
I've just woken up to the fantastic news the world has been waiting for.
Man U lost!
Bin Laden dead? I wont believe it until I see the long form death certificate.
Osama Bin Laden dead, Henry Cooper dead, that must have been some fight
Personally, I was much happier when MJ died.


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Although his last couple of videos were disappointing I'm still looking forward to Bin Laden: This is it!


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What's the difference between Henry Cooper and Osama Bin Laden ? Henry cooper could stay on his feet after 12 rounds.

Whilst celebrating Arsenals victory yesterday,it was perhaps a little unwise of Bin Laden to rush out into his yard shouting come on the GUNNERS !!


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It's very quiet and there's a lot of flags flying half-mast in Bradford and Birmingham this morning.

What's going on?
Taiwan's ever-dependable rolling news channels have risen to the occasion in their usual understated style.



Taiwan's ever-dependable rolling news channels have risen to the occasion in their usual understated style.


That is ******* hilarious :-D

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