Bimbling in the Falklands - answers please

I'm looking for some joined-up advice.

I gather that some "bimbled" Rovers are available from MT, while others are available to hire from SIF. In the latter case, I gather that a bimble chit can be obtained which reduces the hire charge by £100.

Can somebody explain the procedure for acquiring a Rover for bimbling including any limitations on getting bimble chits? How far in advance is booking recommended? What routes are available for bimbling?

Contact names and numbers, preferably e-mail addresses (by PM) would be welcomed too.

Any other suggestions for leisure activities in FI, together with info on any booking required, would be gratefully received. Karting is one thought at the moment.

Was last there 3 years ago but things probably haven't changed much so....
Section vehicles could be used at the weekend if the correct form was signed by the boss to say they were happy to not have a vehicle rplaced if you write it off. A selection of bimble tyres and wheels were held within Kwikfit which once again could be bid for.

If you want to go true bimbling then the best bet is to hire a guide to take you to some of the more obscure places like Cape Dolphin or volunteer Point. Both trips were worth the money just for the grin factor..

For less extreme a trip to Bodie Creek suspension bridge was good although not recommended when it is wet (unless there's more than one vehicle and you've got a tow rope as demonstrated here by our RAF cousins!)

If you're feeling really adventurous you could go to Easter ISland like one of the guys did whilst I was there.


When i was last there the r&r clerk was located in 12 facility and the building where the education office is had various info on stuff to do, on my r&r i flew via the benny's aircraft to stanley for a night on the piss then onto bleaker island with more beer and stayed in the ikea furnished chalet, wasnt much to do on the island, but just got you away from mpa.
Good, good, good. Keep it coming.

I've got a team of about 18 bods who are going to be there for a fortnight. They are going to be working their bollox off for most of the time and will get one day off. I want to make it special (with some alternatives), so if I need to know in advance if I need to make arrangements before we get there. There'll be an advance party, but it would be unfair on them to expect them to do more than confirm arrangements.

Any contact details for the R&R clerk at 12 Facility? Could be some beer and entertainment for helpful FI Arrsers who will still be there in October.

In fact, anybody with some form of ARRSE regalia who sidles up to me and says the word "Puttees" will get a beer and an invite to participate in whatever entertainment is planned that evening. (It goes without saying, that if it isn't me you're talking to, all you'll get is a blank look).
jarrod248 said:
Interesting cap badge. I was in 4 Yorks, which changed to 3/4 Yorks, then DWR and I think then something else. Someone has apparently come up with a cunning plan and an original new name believe itor not I think it's 4 Yorks.
3DWR, then E&WRR, then 4 Yorks. I submit that East & West Riding Regiment was a bit rough but not as bad as the poor buggers in the Tynes Tees Regiment (TT or Telly Tubbies). a bare handful in my Coy are ex 4 Yorks, 3/4 Yorks........wait long enough and it'll all come back round....
Yes, it seems that there are a lot of ex-Yorkshire Vols (or descendent units) on here, but let's return the thread to the subject matter - "Bimbling (not yomping) in the Falklands"


PS It's not a cap badge - it's a collar dog.
When I was in MTW we just booked the duty bimble wagon and signed out the video recorder but that was quite a few years ago. It must of changed recently regardng the tyres as I was I/C Quick fit and we didnt do the tyres then but things do change.
As per the Werewolf in London film..... Stay on the road. If you see a sheep or penguin in the prone position minus legs dont enter the field. Good fun out there but its winter at the mo (dont know when your going) so wrap up warm. One of my blokes is over at present so will try and get some info.
Thanks, The_IRON. I was out there last week but schedules got a bit screwed due to the weather (roads closed and heli flights postponed because of snow), hence couldn't get to relevant R&R contacts during their opening hours.
putteesinmyhands said:
Thanks, The_IRON. I was out there last week but schedules got a bit screwed due to the weather (roads closed and heli flights postponed because of snow), hence couldn't get to relevant R&R contacts during their opening hours.
That happened to me when we flew over and couldnt land because the run way not built in the right position for cross winds I was told. Crab air flew us to Uraguay Montevideo for four days put up in 4 star hotel plus food. A pretty penny for a fully loaded Timmy :D

Im sure if the Army were incharged we'd of been put up in 12x12's and compo.

Nip in the crab and Sprocket at MTW on a Friday night for the fun.


What the hell going on down there now?? In my day it was simply take a wagon and f-off to where you wanted - mind you that was the 80's :D

Oh yeah and watch out for the minefields :roll:

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