Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Waldorfmuppet, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get Biltong near Belfast? Not Tesco/supermarket packaged stuff, just a good butchers etc?

    Looking for things to put in boxes to send to Herrick and thought it would travel well.
  2. I used to buy mine here, Milton Keynes not NI, give 'em a shout though:

    Cruga | Contact Us
  3. Schaden

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  4. spike7451

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  5. Ah Sawyers! Hadn't thought of there! Cheers.

    Used to pass it every day on the way to school and all I can remember is the stench of fresh fish! Looks quite classy now from the picture on their site.

    Googled it yesterday and did bring up a few 'make your own' sites, dont think I could get away with it though, she has a rule about no hanging meat in the airing cupboard... And im not man enough to own a shed!

    I do know someone with an old air raid shelter in his back that hes been looking a use for....
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  6. The short answer is no, not around Belfast.

    And, eh, can you post it?
  7. Maybe a daft question, but what is the difference between Biltong and Jerky?
  8. A few thousand miles

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  9. Lots more than " a few thousand miles". Biltong is air-dried, while jerky tends to be smoked (or at least heated for a part of the "curing" process). Jerky is often also boiled for a short period of time to kill bacteria, while biltong uses saline solutions with vinegar to achieve the same result.
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  10. Thanks for the sensible reply!
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  11. Hoping you guys still get notifications from this thread. I have just started my own Biltong Business in Belfast! We are called Ke Nako Biltong and if you can't remember that just google Belfast and Biltong and you'll find us! Hoping you'll find us!
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  12. Discounts, mail order, there's a love.
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  13. Not forgetting free samples to the first couple of people to reply to your advert ;)
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