Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Whiskybreath, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. Purely for those of us who'd live on the stuff (plus a Castle or two) given the chance, I thought I'd mention the two places in London where I've bought good quality biltong in the last few weeks. First is Selfridge's on Oxford St, where I've pigged out on some excellent pili-pili biltong now and then, and secondly at a wee booth in the tunnel under London Bridge Station, which seems to be pretty good. No game meat, but the beef's of the necessary standard, and the mix is nice. Some good pubs nearby too; what more do you want?
  2. Not bad from Wimbledon tube station. Once spent £30 on the stuff there, and spent the rest of the day in the pub drinking Fosters and munching on Biltong. Good times.
  3. Wally's deli in Cardiff do it too
  4. You can buy it online here or get it direct from the shop at 206 Guildford Road, Bisley - excellent stuff, the butcher is a Saffa.
  5. Looks a bit pricey, that. Have you ever bought it through the post?
  6. Yup and it's as nice as buying from the shop.
  7. Second that it is lekker from there, there is a guy that sells it in Blackbushe market too if any of you are over that end of the world.
  8. There's loads of places that sell the game versions... kudu (nice), ostrich (very metallic taste) and a few others... last time I bought some was at the kiosk on Kensington High Street tube station platform (South bound) a couple of weeks back. The peri peri beef is my favourite.
    The Bok Shop in Covent Garden sells packets and also sells it fresh, they cut slices off to order from the meat counter. Definately worth a visit if you like biltong.
  9. Is that near Maiden Lane? My RFA buddy says I should try biltong.
  10. Must agree - excellent shop!
  11. Not far off, the Aussie shop is on Maiden lane I think, The Bok Shop is on Bedford Street about 4 mins walk round the corner.
  12. I can third that, they also do a good range of sausages too.
  13. Agreed sainty, I got some stuff from there when I was up that way on a training course last summer. mmmm