billy.winky - this is how you get a thread put into the hole

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by skintboymike, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Admittedly you're a bit of a boring git, but you have had some shit recently. As an act of consolidarity, I thought I would be the first to offer this, a brand new young virgin thread, to be sent directly to the hole. Just to make you feel a bit better, knowing it's not just you. (The first couple hurt, but you get used to it :D )

    I feel obliged to put a link to something, so here you go folks; (NSFW)

    Mods, over to you.

    PS Horace still sucks.
  2. Hmmm - quite :roll:
  3. Horace does suck....alot.
  4. here....proof

    Attached Files:

  6. AEIE!

    FBG you made me think i was going crazy there, reading the same passage over and over...
  7. I knew that some dumb fucker would. :D How far did you get?
  8. I've just had a thought - ARRSE should publish a league table of who's had the most threads put in the hole. I'd probably be mid table obscurity (I can't even succeed at being shit), while winky would be pushing for a Champions League spot :D

  9. To the bloody bottom!

    i kept swapping to a different tab and thinking "what the f*ck?!"
  10. Ok I'm positively offended that this thread hasn't been holed yet. What kind of example does this set?
  11. What has she got on her front bottom?
  12. I have quite a talent for getting others threads holed. All you have to do is hijak and deviate; I've had a pretty slow day at work. I was tasked to provide 3 working telephone lines to end users and was only able to complete 1. So an unlucky 2 households will have to wait for our esteemed network planners to produce a solution.

    Has anybody else had this difficulty and heard the new song by "The Saturdays"?

    Thoughts please.