Billy Elliott star joins army....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. How apt that Billys cross dressing friend wears that Capbadge ;D ;D ;D

    The ballet lessons served him well ;D
  2. We have no comment at this time.........
  3. Thought not ;D ;D ;D
  4. I want to know why his cap badge is so far over....

    OI Nig! The distance covered by your cap badge, from over your eyebrow, towards your ear, is DIRECTLY proportional to the length of service you have achieved.

  5. Or stick yer to-to on and report to PTPs tent ;D
  6. well the Army has always had more than a fair share of comedians, why not actors?
  7. cting and the forces - well you should come to this place UKSC(G) it's full of commisioned actors running the travelling muppet theatre, next stop Kuwait.  See u there.  Over 18's only unless your commisioned then you can be as big a kid as you want.   ???