Billy Elliot Star to join RRF

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ok_yah, Jan 9, 2002.

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  1. The guy who played the homosexual kid in Billy Elliot is to join the Fusiliers.

    That one should deeply upset lots of right on members of the country who no doubt fell in love with the little bugger!
    The torygraph editorial on the subject is excellent including the lines

    "Our schools are becoming feminised - having few male teachers and discouraging traditional forms of competitiveness. Perhaps the most visible illustration of this trend was the sudden interest in boys' ballet fuelled by Billy Elliot.
    How appropriate, then, that a star from that film should now want to replace actor's make-up with camouflage cream. Stuart has chosen a tough but rewarding job. We wish him well."
  2. It is also reported that the star is bringing his ballet costume to wear as it is rumoured to be more sturdy than CS95 clothing.
  3. He wont be a minority as a fairy in the Budgies will he.
  4. "A tough but rewarding job" sounds like a Recuiter to me!!
  5. Tara

    Had he wanted to be a fairy I am sure he would hae joined the AGC, not the cutting edge of the Infantry.
  6. Not only this geezer, but I hear the star of Harry Potter is joining the AGC. He will fit in with all the other specky luddites then!  
  7. I like that one Scarlet ;D, Nice one!
  8. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    RRF better hope thy don't change their drill to suit him  ;D
  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    A decade on, and they are closing down 2RRF.

    Where can I get a tinfoil hat in size seven-and-a-quarter (59cm to you red-arses)?
  10. Does that make Julie Walters a walt? Just asking.
  11. Good luck to the bloke, if he's kept the ballet up he'll be built like a brick outhouse and have an inexhaustible supply of fit, elegant women.
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  12. You do realise that the original article was nearly 14 years ago, Trigger?
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  13. I've been considering it very carefully.
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  14. Good.
  15. Does the fat ginger bird with massive tits who used to post back when this thread started still lurk?