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Billy Elliot Star to join RRF

The guy who played the homosexual kid in Billy Elliot is to join the Fusiliers.


That one should deeply upset lots of right on members of the country who no doubt fell in love with the little bugger!
The torygraph editorial on the subject is excellent including the lines

"Our schools are becoming feminised - having few male teachers and discouraging traditional forms of competitiveness. Perhaps the most visible illustration of this trend was the sudden interest in boys' ballet fuelled by Billy Elliot.
How appropriate, then, that a star from that film should now want to replace actor's make-up with camouflage cream. Stuart has chosen a tough but rewarding job. We wish him well."


Kit Reviewer
I think shes a mod over on rumration now the broken-wombed minger.
Broken-wombed be buggered, a miracle happened to her.
Suddenly her useless uterus, as shattered as a certain sink lobbed off a block in Browning on a Friday night, started to work.
It actually grew a baby !
God had given her a chance to be a mother.

Or the fat slag lied like a cheap NAAFI wristwatch just to get a shag.

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