Billy Connollys Song about a TA soldier

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by coax-on, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone out there know the words to Billy Connollys' song about a TA soldier that goes something like......I'm a TA soldier and the world is scared of me.......
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  3. Cheers Mucker!!!!!
  4. Weekend Soldier
    (Billy Connolly)
    I am a weekend soldier
    And the world is scared of me
    I've fought a million battles
    And I'm always home in time for tea

    When I was just a spotty youth, and tired of being ignored
    One day I said to myself, Iain, why are you so bored?
    I wanted some adventure, some excitement and some power
    So I went to the local Territorials, I joined within the hour

    I've been in the army for some time now, even the sausages are nice
    Hey, this is the way to see the world, boys - I've been to Edinburgh twice
    And all you left-wing radicals, don't give me any of your cheek
    And have your demonstration on a Saturday, for I have to work all the week

    I've been in the army for three years now, I enjoy playing at the games
    And when I put my uniform on I feel like big John Wayne
    My camouflage jacket fits me perfectly but the trousers could be improved
    I have to take three steps or more before they even start to move
  5. Depressing isn't it............maybe CGS should have a look at this and ask himself whether the steps the Army has taken in the last few years in terms of PR have dispelled these myths?
  6. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Even better song of Billy's is Sergeant Where's Mine

    I'm Asking You Sergeant Where's Mine [print]
    (Billy Connolly)

    I'm lyin' in bed, I'm in room twenty-six
    Thinkin' on things that I've done
    Like drinkin' wi' squaddies and bullin' my boots
    I'm countin' the medals I've won

    These hospital wards they're all drab lookin' joints
    But the ceiling's as much as I see
    It could do with a wee touch of paper or paint
    But then again maybe that's me

    Oh sergeant is this the adventure you meant
    When I put my name down on the line
    All that talk of computers and sunshine and skis
    Oh I'm askin' you sergeant where's mine

    I've a brother in Glasgow wi' long curly hair
    When I joined up he said I was daft
    He says shootin' strangers just is nae his game
    That brother of mine is nae saft

    But I can put up wi' most things I've done in my time
    I can even put up with the pains
    But what do you do with a gun in your hand
    When you're faced with a hundred odd wanes

    Oh sergeant is this the adventure you meant
    When I put my name down on the line
    All that talk of computers and sunshine and skis
    Oh I'm askin' you sergeant where's mine
  7. Billy is the lad who was supposed to do three shows at the China Fleet Club in 1980. He did one, got heckled by the Mortars of the Queen's Own Highlanders and just couldn't come back quick enough for the Jocks; they had great sport with him. The next night he was heckled off the stage by the Antitank and the rest of S Coy. He didn't appear the next night! And that, children, is why he always keeps on going on about the Queen's Own Handbag Carriers or Deserters - because he couldn't get word in once the Jocks got going! I was at the second night and it was brilliant by the way :cool:

    A good bit of fun and since Billy is ex TA perhaps we should use him in the next campaign. Something along the lines of 'join the f'''''ing TA or I'll f'''''ing have you, you t'''t'......they'll come flooding in!
  8. He's ex-para TA ever heard him talking about were the word W@nk comes from apartently army beds when you play with yourself they go wink w@nk he tels a funny story about kicking 7 beds out of a lad from another unit on exersise then seeing him at work 8)