billy bull shitters !

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by bob-xix, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. got a lad at work , who claims he was made redundant back in 1992 as a S/Sgt in the R Sigs, first of all he was on 36 grand a year as a staffy then he says he recieved 85 grand as a pay out and an £800 pension per month (after tax), told him he was talking bollox, as i dont think RSMs were on that sort of money 20 years ago,
  2. For the love of God and all the Angels kill yourself.
  3. If he was a staffy he was nowhere near the Rank of WO Class 1 RSM!!!
  4. That sounds feasible to me. My only question would be, why are you referring to someone in their mid 50's as a 'lad'?
  5. here Army Pay Scales - Armed Forces - British Army Officers Pay Rates - Other Ranks Pay Rates
  6. Given that a SSGT is currently on just over £33,000 (lower band), I can't see any way your pal would have been making £36,000 in 1992, even with LOA and any other extra bits and bobs.

    Maybe someone knows of a source of past rates of pay?

    Edited to add: my figures were from, but according to Army Pay Scales - Armed Forces - British Army Officers Pay Rates - Other Ranks Pay Rates a SSGT could currently be earning up to £42,000. So still don't believe he would have been getting £36,000 in 1992.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Biggest bullshitter I ever met was an ex-bleep who got out around that time.
    The fat cnut was in a waltering league of his own. Turned out he was a tech Sgt, but in between soldering plugs onto cables he managed to pass selection, teach in the training wing at Hereford, and train just about every specialised team in the army from EOD to horse jumping.......fukcing hilarious!
  8. If he was getting SP, I think he could have.
  9. The man's a class one bullshitter and make no mistake. Take him round the back of the bike sheds and spank his bottom with a feather I say!
  10. It wasn't Dave Ad***** was it?

    That bloke used to tell anyone in earshot that whilst on Ops in Namibia he was repairing a PA system during the Pope's visit and when the Pope realised that Dave had saved the day, he kissed him on both cheeks.

    Dave responded by pushing the holiest of men from the stage while proclaiming "I'm a protestant so get to ****".

    I hope he's now dead (Dave, not the child toucher).
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Shit, there's more of them....but your guy sounds like an amateur compared to the guy with the initials A.M.

    You need to beat such claims as teaching "x" sqnd SAS to scuba dive and ride horses - coming from the mouth of a fat cnut who could not even run across a road :)
  12. solderings very dangerous I think it's part of the selection for 264 or whatever it's called these days. I've met a few who claim they were with 'them' in interview and they're usually members of the heavy pie brigade and were clerks,data bods etc who go quiet when I declare my ninja exscaleys skills of egg banjoing,painting and synchronised broom pushing.