Billy Bragg Autographed Book - "The Progressive Patriot"

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by TankiesYank, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Billy Bragg, the Bard of Barking, has asked to contribute to Help for Heroes, and getting some well-deserved R& R for the people that need it the most, etc. by donating some autographed swag to the auctions board. So for your bidding pleasure, from Ol’ Big Nose himself:

    One autographed hardcover copy of his first book, about English nationality and identity, “The Progressive Patriot.”

    The Tankie, for one, found it a great read. And the Telegraph said:

    “Another musician-turned-writer who successfully transports you to another England is Billy Bragg, the eponymous Progressive Patriot of his part-memoir, part-rant, part-history of the Anglo-Saxon race…Whatever your views, there is much to be inspired by here, and much you will want to rant right back at.”

    Book info here...

    All proceeds go to Help for Heroes…so you know the drill!

    Bidding will end Friday, 30 May at 00:00.
  2. Tankies..I know this is an old auction but is this book still available ?
  3. TY is planning on re-doing all of the BB auctions - I'll give her a bell to remind her.
  4. Cheers Dozy
  5. Yes, this book is still available for bidding! See new time information.

    If you're interested, then better for H4H to get your money than frickin' Amazon. :D
  6. Mod Edit:

    Its a charity auction, if you've nothing constructive to add or bid then please fcuk off to another forum
  7. So you won't be bidding, then?
  8. No mate, really dislike the man.
  9. But you don't object to us raising a few quid by auctioning a few of his items?
  10. My opinion means nothing on here but if it goes to a good cause, like that charity is, then all well and good. However, I can't see anyone paying a lot for his propaganda pap.
  11. Well stop cluttering this thread up and lets see?
  12. I nearly made a spite bid then :D
  13. 50 squiddlies