Billy Bragg Autographed 7" Vinyl - Limited Edition

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by TankiesYank, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Billy Bragg, the Bard of Barking, has asked to contribute to Help for Heroes,and getting some well-deserved R& R for the people that need it the most, etc. by donating some autographed swag to the auctions board. So for your bidding pleasure, from Ol’ Big Nose himself:

    One autographed limited-edition 7” vinyl single of “I Keep Faith,” Billy’s first single from his new album Mr. Love and Justice; the B-side is an acoustic version of “Like Soldiers Do" (fittingly enough).

    This item is not for sale in any stores, so if you’re a vinyl collector, this is a lovely little piece…particularly for the B-side.

    All proceeds go to Help for Heroes…so you know the drill!

    Pics posted later if possible...

    Bidding will end Friday, 30 May at 00:00.
  2. Bidding is closed...PM to A_J shortly!