Billy Boys.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Any others out there? Since when are loyalty/ sectarianism bad words?!
  2. Te feck witcha ya Taig cnutcha
  3. Since I am neither Irish, or a catholic, you must be one of those bigotted mongs that can't get over the past and move on.

    People like you keep terrorism alive.

    Shoot yourself in the face.

    Failing that, find someone that will do it for you.
  4. Fat feckall you know,'s nae turrerism ef et's appliied tae Rumanian Gypsies. End yis cahl yersilf a Briton...
  5. Say again all after "fat" :roll:
  6. I say again.... you can get tae fcuk ya Papist barsteward.
  7. You're very boring aren't you.
  8. And drunk. Dinnae forget drunk.
  9. Comment j'vais a la trou? (WHich way to the hole?)
  10. I'm leathered, and can still type the queens English. What's your excuse?

    There's nothing more pointless than trying to type a spoken dialect IMO.

    Try some more scag you mong, preferably an OD
  11. OK then, I'l desist with my affectation and just call you a cnut. WHile I may be a boring cnut, you, Sir, are evidently a bored cnut, as you consistantly bite at the bait.
  12. I believe you called me a cnut in your 2nd post, at least try and be original.
  13. Then I will have to call your father a cnut and your mother a chai wallah, as you are the most sleep-inducing wank I've seen on here. I'd rather subject myself to every septic with a 150 word vocabulay and a case of ring-worm than listen to another minute of your lefty drivel. Bore off.
  14. Pot and kettle spring to mind.

    At least you're now dribbling in English.