Billy Big Time

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SgtSlaughter, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. We all know they are out there.

    We know them as Ten Shits, or Elevenerife or words to that effect.

    What is your favourite story where someone has big times it only to be caught out?

    I remember being on my Class 3 when we had mentors from the Class 1 cses. We were asking them about Ni and medals when one of the Cpls told us about a time he was at JCUNI in a vehicle with a female when they got stopped at an IVCP. She followed her drills properly and shot 2 of them and got a medal of some sort for it.

    The other Cpl turned round to him and in as loud a voice as you can get shouted "BULLSHIT". It turned out the second Cpl had been in the girl's troop at the time and knew that billy big time Cpl was actually in a radio repair workshop at 15SR and rarely left camp.

    Funnily enough none of us trainees ever went to that guy for help!
  2. Twas an RUC officer.
  3. I thought it was my troop sgt and then my QM small chap got a bar with the medal too
  4. hmm, i was the 3rd man on the embassy balcony!
  5. I got caught out once, I was giving it the big 'un in my local about how I took out some members of 2 Para on exercise in BAOR during the 80's when they attacked our commcen - then to my embarrassment this guy named Trevor Lock stood up and shouted ‘BULLSHIT – you were the first guy on the balcony’.

    What could I do, I had been found out - felt proper stupid I did.
  6. That'll be Mr S C then, also my QM at one point in Colchester. A sound bloke who I would have not liked to upset!
  7. That will the chap,
    We must know each other then, I was the Trg Wing SNCO
  8. You think only 2 guys ever got shot in NI? It's funny how the mythical "IVCP shooting" stories all merge into a blob of rumour though. I was always (and remain) scared to ask SC about his story, as I can never tell if he's being serious or joking. Legend has it that he had a full head of hair until that day! :twisted: There were loads of incidents of people having close shaves over there - quite a few corps girls and boys too.

    I had a lad with the initials PH posted in to our Sqn in Lisburn around 2001-ish. Day one and he claimed to have been an operator with "the det". Cue a bit of gentle (verbal) probing and his story fell apart within about 2 minutes (although he never realised). Top way of impressing your new boss.

    I would tell you my biggest big-timing story but I haven't been caught yet. :twisted:
  9. Whilst at Catterick many moons ago, as is an upgraders right I was dating a basic.
    I had this bloke in the colburn lodge on the sunday talking at us telling us how hard the white helmets course was and how we should aspire to get ourselves on the course once we got to our working unit.

    Once he had finished his drivel I pointed out that I was a para trained full screw.
  10. Bumped into him last week on the Aldershot Training Area out running, still as a fit as a butchers dog. He's posted back this way.
    I believe the girl who shot the blokes coming out of a Post Office IIRC was Det as I've had a few beers with her.
    Discovery....she used to be mates with Geordie H and Mace.
  11. In one of his early forays into commercial security, DP went out to work on an oil rig in North Africa.
    Whilst in the process of doing his handover/takeover, he got chatting to some clients and started telling a story of his time on GRANBY behind the lines with SF, capture, escape etc etc.
    It would have all gone well, if the person DP had been taking over from wasn't there. This individual started to experience an odd sense of Deja Vu on hearing this story - did some checking and confirmed that it was actually only him from the whole THEM who had had that experience during the war and that DP was telling porkie pies using his operational experiences.

    DP left the rig, company and country within 48hrs.

    I wish this was a precautionary tale about walting/billy big timing and the road to ruin, but DP is now the CEO of a rather large international security group organisation and a multi millionaire.....