Billions saved!

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by sunnoficarus, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Good to see that the planners and financiers are getting to grips with what will be a major operation in itself.

    Now, will we see a similar effort poured into DSDA in its various guises to sort out and restore the kit as it returns home or will we just repeat Ops Granby and Telic and pile up the containers at Bicester and Ludgershall for years?

  2. No, they've got extra parking spaces at Tewkesbury.
  3. Err, Tewksbury has been sold to the lowest bidder hasn't it?
  4. But they spent lots doing it up.
  5. But why would they do that when it is scheduled to become a Tescos with about 1000 houses within the next few years..... it just doesn't add up.
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  6. Give that man a round of applause!
  7. one difficulty with electronic stuff is that it is hard to insert a tone of voice, perhaps to indicate irony or some such....

  8. And a mosque,don't forget...