Billing Land Rover Show

I've got a Series III seven seat Safari circa 1980.

I also have a light weight in superb condition, fully restored. It is in Hereford at the moment.

Can anyone give me history on 19HF97 please ?
Can anyone give me history on 19HF97 please,,JoseyWales,
Hi Mate, I read in a Mag that you can get copies of the vehicle history for 25 quid from the disposal people, I will look up the details when I get home and pass them on to you.
I also have a solid, yes solid.. rear door from a III hidden in the stable, I think..
Oh, that familiar stench of stewed, burnt onions from the transfer box of a Series 111.

Join This lot and for a small fee they'll get you the necessary info from the Loggie files at deepcut. Dont be expecting marvels though as its only a couple of pages and wont tell you much - you can probably find out more just by striping the paint off it!

Friendly enough bunch but a bit too 'rivet-countery' for my liking.


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