billing an idiot for flights

i've had a recruit cause havoc on a camp where he was supposed to be doing his recruits course. it turns out that after going outside the chain of command to get on this recruits course he now has to be flown home early as he was a danger and embarrassment to all concerned. the flight is not going to be in any way cheap and it galls me that this psycho walt will end up taking money from my budget when i would rather spend it on those whose deserve it.

so is there any way we can bill this idiot for the cost of his flight.

Why do you have to fly him?

Where is the camp, and where was he attested/enlisted?

Is he medically unfit for any service? Can you not keep him peeling spuds/sweeping the parade square, etc until normal transport is available?


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What recruits course is this? The 1st Airsoft Fusiliers annual camp in Ibiza? :wink:
he has to be flown as he was lucky enough to get a recruits course on a camp in a foreign country, the unit he was attached to for this have had enough but can't supply the staff for a 24hr guard which is what he needs at the moment. i can't give too much away due to the various legal avenues we are going to have to go down.
Send the cnut back by rail and ferry. So what it it takes a few days/weeks. If really far away then utilise some passing chinese freighter :)
Which naïve tw@t thought it was a good idea to hold a recruit camp abroad? It's not like what has just happened to your bod is unusual. Wouldn't mind reading the EASP. :roll:
If he is that unstable, then would you want him sitting next to you on the flight? I agree with Dread. Send him back the longest way possible, or tell him to don his mark 1 Hi-Tec issue trainers and walk back.

If he went around the chain of command when did you find out he was on the course? If he has gone outside the wire and you had not known about it until he was there, then I fail to see why you should be responsible for his costs. Did he get a non-availability chit from MT? if not then bill the scrote!

If billing him becomes an issue, have the RSM charge him for something relevant (insubordination etc) and fine him the equivalent cost of the flights. Then take him round the back and give him some remedial hand to hand combat training.

If you knew about it before he went, why didn't someone pull the plug?
First of all, since when did they start doing recruit training abroad? Is this TA?

Secondly, sorry but he's not going to be liable to pay for his trip home. If he's such a danger to himself or others that he has to have a 24 hour guard, you can't just take him to the airport and let him go, he's going to have to be escorted home. If he's not a danger to anyone, and is just an idiot, he's still going to be able to claim his travel expenses.

Perhaps they should have vetted the recruits a bit more thoroughly before jetting off to foreign climes.
GreenSlime said:
Used to be against regs to send recruits abroad full stop. (My mob did it once on EX PLAIN SAILING).
In 1989?
It's only 17 years ago, back when I was young and I'm just handsome :roll:


Declare him "unsafe to fly", keep him under close supervision until his scheduled return flight home. No additional cost, no slacking off for him, gives the Provost Sgt something to play with!
I can think of at least two units who technically send their recruits on training (actually selection) abroad occasionally. Not all of their recruits come from 'inside the family', some (a very few) join direct...

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