Billboard, Internet AWOL Solider Hunter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billboard, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Cant answer the questions you little waster? I suggest you get back to Germany sharpish and take your punishment and get and stay off this forum. Be aware looks are deceiving and you never know who is watching you, read my posts you cnut and realise im not who i made myself look like. My job is to catch guys like you so anyone else watching get yourself back to Battalion before you make things worse. Oh yes im sure you know there are recruiters and all sorts of "spooks" frequenting this forum so beware where you seek advice.
  2. Wonder how long till Billboard gets his O2 tag back,should I just have a half pint,or will it be a 2 can wait? :)
  3. 2 cans but no storing. Be careful though, his job is to catch guys like you, so get back to Battalion ! YEAH BABY
  4. Gosh, this is interesting I might well take that beer off you PrinceAlbert.
  5. How bizarre, I cant decide between Internet bully and Internet bounty hunter!
  6. You are Beth Chapman, wife of 'The Dog' and I claim my $5 buddy.

  7. I totally would.
  8. You totally have!
  9. I'm off beer at the mo - anyone fancy a glug of Rioja?

    Is Billboard the Matrix or sumfink?
  10. Just a quick warning to potential SUT's the Army or any military organisation is NOT an ordinary job. You dont sign the contract, take Her Majesty's shillings and receive thousands of pounds of world class training and then turn your back and go AWOL. It shows lack of intergrity, loyalty and teamwork because when your unit goes on op's and they are a man down thats more work for your mates to do or even someone else has to fill your slot. Not only that but the Army cannot recruit another person while your on the books, so you should DAOR in basic or honour your initial contract and leave after that. Not as soon as you realise combat is not like MW2 or rambo movies or the Army just is'nt for you, the risks are real and so is the oath you swore.
  11. Seriously, what can you do about it?

    Do the Army actively track these muppets down and drag them back to their units or what?
    Is it really worth the effort and expense?

    Or is it more a case of when they get collared by CivPlod the MP get a call?
  12. Cant go into specific details, However we can and will do alot to return AWOL personnel to their units. Its more of a waiting game waiting for them to contact people, bank account transactions, surveillance and of course the internet. Celeretaudax/Cannonloose knows he's options and has the option to do so by a set date if he does not pursue the right option we will make the decision for him. You cant run forever and it will be in your favour to hand yourself in before we receive the call to act.
  13. Please stop typing. You're embarrassing yourself, your cadet hut and your parents. More importantly you're making me angry........................ tumescent, colon rupturing angry. You waffling nigger cunt.
  14. [​IMG]

    Billboard has finally caught up with celeretaudax/cannonloose and will be taking him back to Germany to collect his reward.
  15. My friend FA am i getting you hard and dripping darling? I would love to suck you off but have no time today baby. In case you haven't learnt yet you 40 year old Lance Jack the best way to get the info you want is to discredit yourself hence why months ago i toyed with a tool like you . Ask yourself why Celeretaudax/Cannonloose has not replied? Beacause he's guilty of being a tit much like yourself now run back to the NAFFI big boy much love and kisses.