Bill Thornton-Smith

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Pteranadon, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. This morning I met an ex LI General R_ B_ on his way to visit Bill Thornton Smith, a Gunner officer of SMC 20 vintage who served in 47 and 14 Regiments. The General, who was Bill's platoon commander at RMAS tells me that Bill is in a nursing home in Eastbourne, increasingly incapacitated by MS. One of the few things he can still do is talk on the telephone. He is mentally alert and keen for contact with the outside world.

    If you know Bill and would like to make this man's life a little more cheerful by calling, writing or even visiting please send a PM to me and I will send his address and telephone number.
  2. I'm not trying to be funny here but Bill Thornton Smith was reported as being deceased in his nursing home on 12 July last year. Write-up is 3/4 way down page.

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  3. The first post was on the 9 Jan 2010
  4. So sorry, a couple of us from many years just heard by chance that he had been ill - we knew nothing more so put his name on Google and this thread came up. As that was the only information available I put that message in - it was desperately sad to hear how terrible his life was. Thank you for bringing us up to date.
  5. Hi Hilary, Can I suggest you remove your telephone number from your post as everyone now has access to it not just members. George
  6. I am sorry to hear of his death.