Bill OReilly - American "Political Commentator"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ROTTSED, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Recently came across this clown who claims to be the voice of America. I can’t get over how rude he is to any of his interviewees with an opinion to the contrary.

    Look at some of the other related links. It strikes me that it’s Paxman crossed with Jeremy Kyle. Thank f**k in this country we have manners and the BBC.

    Scarily, he is the most popular political commentator in the states! Mind you, did I honestly expect much more?
  2. O'Reilly seems a bit of a c0ck but is that any reason to have a pop at an entire nation? I daresay that the 50% or so of Americans who vote Democrat and a fair number of Republicans think he's a tw*t too. Shock tactics will grab anyones attention (think Richard Littlec0ck over here) but that doesn't necessarily mean that all his listeners are morons.

    Maybe if we don't want the Americans to tar us all with the same brush when our glorious politicos abandon them to their fate in Iraq, we should stop spouting this kind of sh*te in return.
  3. O'Reilly is not the most popular commenter in the states, his claim is to be the most popular on cable tv. But he is a mouth piece for Bush and his cronies in the white house. he can be seen Tuesday to Saturday on Fox news here, a channel which you will find is verging on the ridiculous in its Bush bias, he along with a guy called Sean Hannity are two of the most despicable human beings ever to be allowed to broadcast to the masses.

    If you want to get a bit of balance to the American outlook on things I would suggest that you google a guy called Michael Moore, I would like to think that he represents more of what the ordinary American feels.

    Fox news is to Bush what the Sun used to be to Maggie Thatcher.
  4. Owen:

    You've never been to America then... :roll:
  5. Try looking up Michael Savage or that idiot woman who wanted to invade islamic countries & convert them all to christianity. Obviously cheering from 3000 miles behind the front line. Rush limbaughs the daddy of all the condescending right wing rabble rousers till he admitted to being a pill junkie. Fat right wing & a junkie. Doesnt say a lot for evolution
  6. Ann Coulter
  7. I'd have to disagree with you, Fox News and O'Reilly, in particular, are very influential.

    He's a real shi'ite stirrer and the American masses adore it.

    I loath the guy with passion. I occasionally watch him purely for the entertainment value but usually my blood pressure can't handle it and have to turn him off before I put my foot through the TV.

    Mind you O'Reilly's hatred for the BBC and the Guardian would go down well with some ARRSERs no doubt. :D
  8. Owen if you think Michael Moore represents the average American, then you my friend need a reality check. Not to mention wtf is an average American we are bigger than Europe, and Americans vary from region to region. Michael Moore though, christ thats like me saying Austin Powers represents the avg Brit.........
  9. I've got 20 quid and a half-full bottle of Bailey's for the first pair of ARRSErs that spit-roast this b!tch.