Bill MacLaren - RIP

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by royalmile, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. RIP Mr McLaren - a voice from across the years.
  2. The best rugby commentator that ever was.
  3. Smudge summed it up, the game has lost a true character, RIP
  4. He was the voice of rugby for so many years, and a truly well respected voice at that. He will always be fixed in my memories of watching the 4 home nations (and later the 5 nations) matches on flickering black and white telly when I was a lad. He brought me much pleasure and, I'm sure, contributed to my lifelong love of the game.

    He will be much missed.
  5. Very sad news, don't think that fantastic voice and knowledge of the game will ever be replaced. One of the sporting greats, even if only from behind the microphone. A dram will be raised tonight. RIP
  6. Sad to hear this. The voice of the 5 Nations.

    Always came across as a true gentleman and his utter passion for the game was second to none.

  7. He had the best lines in Rugby Union:

    *He's digging like a demented mole

    *He’s like a demented ferret up a wee drainpipe.

    *He plays like a runaway bullet (description of New Zealand wing Grant Batty).

    *He’s like a raging bull with a bad head.

    *That one was a bit inebriated – just like one of my golf shots (description of a missed goal kick).

    *He kicked that ball like it were 3 pounds o’ haggis.

    *They’ll be dancing in the streets of Hawick/Selkirk/ tonight???

    *His sidestep was marvellous – like a shaft of lightning (description of Welsh wing Gerald Davies).

    *The All Blacks that day looked like great prophets of doom.

    *‘Tweet, tweet, tweet’ – commentary on Scottish full-back Peter Dods’ strange run up to a penalty kick.

    *My goodness, that wee ball’s gone so high there’ll be snow on it when it comes down.

    *He’s as quick as a trout up a burn.

    *Those props are as cunning as a bag o’ weasels.

    *And it’s a try by Hika the hooker from Ngongotaha (Wales v New Zealand 1980).

    *I’m no hod carrier but I’d be laying bricks if he was running at me (description of Jonah Lomu).

    *I look at Colin Meads and see a great big sheep farmer who carried the ball in his hands as though it was an orange pip.

    *I’ve hardly ever had to pay to get in (the best thing in his view about 50 years of commentary at rugby matches
  8. a crying shame, he was amazing with his animal references .... "the scrum half is in there like a demented ferret" and "the pack is moveing like migrating wildebeast" bloke sadly missed
  9. One of my favs:

    "Oh! Mercy me! What a tackle! That could've put him in Ward 4!"

    "I hope not Bill, that's a maternity ward!"
  10. As has been said previously, the voice of rugby when I was growing up.
    He'd have me in stitches just saying the name, "Doddy Weir".
    A true gent who will be sadly missed in the rugby & greater sporting world.

  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    And very proud that his grandson Rory Lawson was capped.
  12. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I was at the last match he commentated on (Wales v Scotland in Cardiff) he walked round the ground (as I believe he always did before a match) and the whole stadium stood and applauded as he passed....very emotional start to a match and the best demonstration of the respect people had for him.

    RIP Bill hope the Stadium in the sky has a comfy seat set aside for you.

  13. R.I.P.Bill Another legend gone, Rugby will not seem the same, what a great loss.
  14. As a grandstand-watcher as a youngster we had Eddie Waring for months, who was your 'chattering class' with nothing to say to make the events on the pitch interesting.

    By contrast, for the duration of the (then) 5 nations, MacLaren's knowledge and enthusiasm drew you into the action. His commentary was right up with the game, too - not just what happened 5 seconds ago and idle speculation that passes for commentary nowadays.

    ISTR his voice changed somewhat after an infection, very distinctive. Hope the BBC do him justice at the weekend, but it will probably be endless darts.