Bill Foxton R.I.P

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. I just heard on the radio that former Army Officer Bill Foxton had shot himself, on a Southampton park bench, after losing (it seems) all his life savings in the Madoff swindle.

    No doubt there are others out there who knew the bloke better than me (I went through Sandhurst and a Depot Queen's Div tour - where I met Bill - with the bloke who became his brother in law).

    He was a man you'd never forget. He had run off to join the French Foreign Legion, and then came back to Britain to reach CSgt in the Green Howards (in that order, I think) before beign commissioned and serving in the Oman war when it was 'hot'.

    As I recall his story, he lost his left arm when he muffed the blowing of a blind mortar bomb, whilst clearing munitions in the Oman desert on his Jack Jones: so he applied a tourniquet to the stump, and drove himself back to camp to get it sorted.

    I see from the write up in the Daily Echo that he was honoured by HM the Queen in 1999 for work in the Balkans, and that he'd been working in AFG till recently.

    No doubt many others who soldiered in those theatres will have met this splendid man.

    What a bloke, what a loss, what a crying shame.
  2. I knew Bill quite well in Oman where I was the local liquor peddler from '78 - '84 and he was PMC of one of the SAF messes. I well remember his false arm and I recall that he did indeed lose it blowing a blind.

    A very good man and it is a great shame he killed himself.
  3. Just been on BBC News - what a sad story for someone who lived through so much.

    So much for the bankers promising high returns

    RIP Mr Foxton
  4. Stonker

    I was Bill Foxton's brother in law. The only time that he came to Bassingbourn was my stag night. I do remember Shagrat declaring 'Left handed drinking' which bought on a pregnant pause.

    He was a Green Jacket not Green Howard.

    He was not in Helmand in AFG but an djoining province. May be others will know him from Kosovo or Bosnia.

    Yes, he was a larger than life character, once met never forgotten.

    Needless to say we are all devastated by it all.

  5. Bill was an old friend from the early days of Oman, he took over the running of the Beach Club on Blackpool beach when it became too big for those of us who started it up in 1970 as a tin hut, Barry West, Adam Carter and myself.

    As Stonker says, he lost it after a training exercise defusing a blind. I last went out to Oman in 1984 when the Sultan invited the old timers back for a reunion. The Beach Club was a commercial organisation by then, and Bill was still running it.

    Would be great to see Madoff get his just deserts in Prison.