Bill Foxley - Warrant Officer, RAF

I did a search and couldn't find anything.

I know he is one of our light blue brethren, but he is a truly remarkable man!

"Bill Foxley, who has died aged 87, was considered the most badly burned airman to survive the Second World War; his example and support became an inspiration to later generations who suffered similar severe disabilities."

Bill Foxley - Telegraph


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Foxley was the navigator of a Wellington bomber that crashed immediately after taking off from Castle Donington airfield on March 16 1944. He escaped unscathed but, hearing the shouts of a trapped comrade, went back into the aircraft despite an intense fire.

He managed to drag his wireless operator free, suffering severe burns in the process. “The plane was like an inferno,” he said later. “I had to climb out of the astrodome at the top and that’s when I got burned.” His sacrifice was not rewarded, however, as his comrade died shortly afterwards, as did two other crewmen.

All that and no G.C.?
Yeah, shocking that he wasn't recognised.

However, unlike some he didn't need to make a public fuss about it.

I'd like to think that no matter what was said or done, he was happy and satisfied within himself that he had done his utmost for his colleagues in that plane.

You're right; nails as anything!

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