Bill for keeping control of anti-Israel mobs hits £1 million

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Why doesnt this suprise me. Will these "protest" marches be banned or heavy handed policing be applied for once where its needed? Of course not, we all know the rent a mob outcome, dig deep taxpayers, all together now " Cause we've got, high hopes, we've got, high hopes!"


    Taxpayers face a bill of more than £1million after violence erupted during a weekend of demonstrations over the Israeli military action in Gaza.

    Extremists were blamed for clashes which broke out near the Israeli embassy in London, as tens of thousands marched in protest over Israel's offensive.

    Police believe a small number of activists tried to hijack the demonstration and turn it into a riot.

    Flashpoint: Police hold back protesters marching on the Israeli embassy in Kensington on Saturday
    Shop windows were smashed and police pelted with bricks and bottles by masked youths near the embassy in Kensington during the largest demonstration against Israel's military action. Protesters smashed up a police van before torching an Israeli flag.

    Many are thought to have travelled to London with the aim of causing anarchist mayhem at Saturday's demonstration, organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

    It is believed coachloads of Muslim youths with Pakistani origins attended the demonstration after being driven from Yorkshire and the Midlands.

    Protesters smash a window of a Starbucks coffee shop next to the Israeli Embassy on Saturday night
    Belgian riot police stand near a car destroyed during a pro-Palestinians demonstration in central Brussels, against the Israeli air strikes on Gaza

    A total of 24 arrests were made, mainly for violent disorder. Three police officers and 20 protesters suffered minor injuries. Scotland Yard sources say the cost of policing Saturday's demonstration, and other Gaza-related protests in London over the past week, already exceeds £1million.

    Metropolitan Police Commander Bob Broadhurst hit out at 'the irresponsible and criminal actions' of the rioters.

    A man is arrested during a pro-Palestinians demonstration in central Brussels
    'A hard core of demonstrators has undermined the cause of the vast majority of demonstrators, who are law abiding citizens wishing to protest peacefully,' he said.

    Yesterday, there were two more demonstrations in Central London. Thousands of Israeli supporters gathered in Trafalgar Square. A rival pro-Palestinian march, attended by several hundred, started from Marble Arch. Both passed off peacefully.

    In an open letter to a Sunday newspaper, 11 prominent British Jews called on Israel to end its military campaign in Gaza.

    Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert said yesterday that his country's deadliest ever military offensive in the Gaza Strip was nearing its goal, but fighting would continue for several more days.

    Despite global calls for a ceasefire, Israeli troops backed by tanks pushed to the edge of Gaza City while their warplanes continued their attack. At least 26 Palestinians were killed in clashes. Hamas fired at least ten rockets into Israel, but no one was injured.
  2. Just a good argument for getting rid of Police Overtime and putting them on a salary.
  3. Would anyone be surprised if the police were doing the kicking off themselves?

    I'm only sorry I can't attend the rallies. If one million quid is a worry, then how about getting a hold of those financiers that have cost this country billions and dropped us in the shiote we're all in now?
  5. Chuffit.

    I've a keen interest in becoming a complete fuckwit. Any possibility of some private tutoring? You could be like my mentor and that would be really kewl!

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  6. If it is costing that much no-one from my farce has seen a penny of it, despite the Met asking for mutual aid. Fingers crossed though, perhaps this gravy train will run for a while.
  7. The Government would only have wasted the money on schools or healthcare anyway.
  8. Cost of freedom I'm afraid.

    They have the right to march, protest and get a good trucheoning if they over-step the mark
  9. I do love the irony of how these demonstrations calling for peace always seem to end violently.
  10. Mostly caused by the rent a mob that seem to appear at any form of protest these days. Though they all have dredlocks and smell like goats as opposed to the skinheads of yesteryear.
  11. I wish the police were half as violent in dealing with these rent-a-mob types as they were with the CA demonstrators in Parliament Square. however it is unlikely, these are all unwashed permanent students and professional liberals - we were decently employed, property owning middle and working class types.

  12. That's right and completely non violent too, after all that one person who lifted that WPC's stabvest only did so in order to hand his knife to her by placing it under there for safe keeping, and that woman with the claret who famously claimed on tv that it was Civil War didn't, in fact, kick most of it off by smashing a PC over the head with her trusty plackard did she? :roll:

    edited to add

    I have no love for swampy and his pals but don't try to be holier than though over it. Have a gander at the swampy websh!tes, I'm sure they'll tell you that they've had a shoeing too.
  13. Have a look at some of the pictures in this Link

    I cannot believe these are pictures from our capital city, lets face it, 99% of the people pictured dont look like they have any sort of love for this country, it makes you wonder when there are allegedly 100,000 people at a protest, how many could you estimate were involved in the trouble? 200? and suppose there were only 200 hardcore "troublemakers" (note they are called troublemakers not extremists, islamists, supporters of terrorist organisations etc) yet out of those 200 there were only 26 arrests. I suspect the police wont make any more arrests as they probably:

    A. Dont want to upset the muslim "community"
    B. Have not got a clue who the rioters were, its a pretty fair bet more than one or two of those arrested are immigrants illegal or otherwise.

    Somethings got to change, not just the goverment, but our attitude as well.
  14. 5 rounds rapid then advance with Fixed Bayonets?

    Mind you the Byonet on the L85A2 looks gash, piece of plastic metalcrap......

    Bring back the SMLE Mk 3 and bayonet..... :)
  15. Grenade Machine Guns firing a 5:1 ratio of baton rounds and tear gas, to break up the knots of problem.

    3 ranks of baton guns to stop charges.

    tasers for close in work.

    Snatch teams and paint markers to spot trouble makers.

    Reading of riot act, prior to kick off.

    Should come to about 50k worth.