Bikinis Off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PoisonDwarf, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. News just in!

    The BIKINI alert state system, used to indicate the appropriate security responses to the assessed levels of threat to Service and MOD establishments, is being replaced by a new, universal "Counter Terrorism Response Levels" system. This will apply across all Government Departments and the Critical National Infrastructure.

    The changes to terminology can be summarised as follows:

    The "BIKINI system" becomes the "Counter Terrorist Response Levels system"
    "Alert States" become "Response Levels"
    "BLACK" becomes "NORMAL"
    "AMBER" and "RED" become "EXCEPTIONAL"
    There is an exact read-across from BLACK to NORMAL, from BLACK SPECIAL to HEIGHTENED, and from AMBER to EXCEPTIONAL, with the security measures currently associated with the three old "alert states" the same as those associated with each of the three new "response levels". The current RED alert state is not being replicated because it is so rarely used.

    In general terms, the security measures that may be used at NORMAL are baseline measures; response Level HEIGHTENED provides additional and sustainable protective security measures reflecting the broad nature of the threat; EXCEPTIONAL provides maximum protective security measures to meet specific threats and to minimise vulnerability and risk.

    The new terminology comes into force on 1 August 2006. It is unlikely that all signs will have been replaced in all establishments by then, so some BIKINI signage may be seen after that date.

    A Defence Instruction Notice (DIN) will be published and JSP 440 – the Defence Manual of Security – will be amended at the next opportunity.
  2. This type of thing pi$$es me off. In the news it sounds like the government has invented a brand new system, when its just repackaging a current one. What was wrong with Bikini? Muppets!! Lets spend more money needlessly!!!

  3. Does anyone else find that amusing.
  4. How disappointing! There was me expecting all sorts of nice piccies!

  5. I have to agree with bugsy,i was just getting ready for an eye fest!

    Perhaps someone could start one anyway? :D
  6. Is tha exceptional? Me like.

  7. In the 80's they changed the (excersise) casualty reporting procedure from Noduff to Panpan & Bulldog.

    After a couple of years they realised it had gone to ratsh*t & reverted to Noduff

    Have they left it alone?
  8. Boringly back to thread.

    We had a perfectly good system that worked and we all knew it. It's hijacked by the incompetent Home Office, with the impression that they've just invented it; then we have to change ours to look like theirs! Brilliant!

    Of course, we already had that nonsense of Op Units having Black and Black Alfa, with MoD HQs having Black and Black Special. Obviously Black Alfa sounded too military so we all standardise in "Special". Clearly it all sounded to military. While I've got my rant head on, just because Red was rarely used, is that really a clever reason for giving up the option? or are we saying that Intel blokes are now so crap, we'll never get an identified specific threat?
  9. But i do agree, why change something that works? Rebranding is always expensive and often pointless.
  10. Royal Mail - Consignia! Another governemnt cashburning fiasco.

    Where exactly does the money for these pointless rebranding exercises come from?
    Can you imagine being asked what your job was and having to reply: I work for a government think-tank, I recently introduced the new alert system Ive spent two years working it out and I think that within two years it will be as effective as the system we now have, once all the teething problems have been sorted out. Im on 45,000 a year as a civil servant and Im currently looking into an alternative name for Waterloo station.
  11. A Think Tank, llike a Charlie II but with more brains ? :?
  12. Why didnt they use normal words in the first place ?
  13. OS[/quote]

    In the 80's they changed the (excersise) casualty reporting procedure from Noduff to Panpan & Bulldog.

    After a couple of years they realised it had gone to ratsh*t & reverted to Noduff

    Have they left it alone?[/quote]

    I thought NOPLAY was in there somewhere too...

  14. The French have changed their system as well as a result of the recent worldwide terrorist attacks. They are using a simple three-tier system starting with a permanent state at level 1: 'Retreat'. The two higher states are Levels 2 and 3, 'Surrender' and 'Collaborate'.

  15. Silly frogs :p