Bikini clad man steals and kills pygmy goat

US story but so bizarre I had to share it.

In West Virginia a man stole a neigbor's pet goat, brought it to his home and killed it while looking at porn. He was wearing a woman's bikini at the time.

Man high on bath salts kills neighbor's goat, police say  - News - The Charleston Gazette - West Virginia News and Sports -

This is weird by West Virginia standards. There goats would be peverted but sisters, cousins and aunts are normal.

Note re "bath salts" - Not what your wife puts in the tub for a relaxing soak. Shops which sell drug paraphernalia in the US, primarily in the south, sell crystals containing MDVP as "Bath Salts". Use by those who cannot find Meth or Coke. Nasty stuff but too new to be illegal but state legislatures are trying to catch up.
Of course he could always join the Taliban, they have a thing about goats.
Of course he could always join the Taliban, they have a thing about goats.
Terry T actually mostly eat them. It was Gandhi that... Well travelled everywhere with a goat. I wonder whether drink its milk is the only thing he's done to it.
that is one of the best thread titles i have ever seen, proper attention grabber


Goats are just fucking sluts. I bet it had it coming.
but was it consentual or did he rape it before he killed it? did he buy it flowers
at the end of the day everyone needs a hobby
and raping and killing goats while in a bikini
is better than stamp collecting...
Personally I think it would be appalling with a goat. A nubile young lamb would be quite different.
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