Bikini Black

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Henry_Tombs, Jan 27, 2005.

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  1. Just been asked what the differances in security alerts are, bikini black etc can anybody point me in the right direction?

    By PM if necessary.
  2. JSP 440

    Will PM you
  3. google is your friend...


  4. A nice slender, tall, tanned female body in a "Black Bikini" means Dead Sexy :twisted:
  5. Often wondered about this in the days when we were on Amber or Black Special or something.

    I'm sure Red means "taking incoming" or somesuch (can't be arrsed to look it up) but the point is if you're busy engaging and sending contact reports etc who the fek has got the time to go and change the sign outside the guardroom!

    (And would the Cpl of Guard get a bollocking if it wasn't done and entered in the occurrence book?)
  6. Should we really be discussing this on a public forum?
  7. Good question. The Americans are very open about their alert states and which state they're on. Good or bad?
  8. Ever heard of the "Need To Know" principle? Journalists don't......
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I must disagree with you on this point Ghost_Rider.
    I believe you've just made a small error in spelling, not that you don't understand the system.
    What you meant to type was: "Ever heard of the "Need To Breathe" principle? Journalists don't......"
  10. Well you're a journalist scum-bag - I'm sure you have already thought about using FOIA to ask 'awkward' questions. Let's face it the alert states and their meanings are'nt exactly classified, they are on the internet for a start!

    However, next time instead of trying to solicit information, without declaring your true purpose, why don't you admit you're a journo?

    Credit to Boney_m for alerting all to 'wupert's' real purpose.
  11. Oh ARRSE!

    Ghost stands corrected, hangs his head in shame, and attempts (in vain) to Tipp-ex his screen - fails miserably! So resorts to Dymo Tape like the rest of the army :lol:

    GHOST - Staff parade! 2200 Hrs, showing spelling corrected, you 'orrible little man :lol: :lol:
  12. There was an article in one of the papers over the weekend on the Bikini system. The thrust of the article was that (apparently!) the alert state hadn't increased significantly over the last few years; ergo, no terrorist threat.

    I use the word apparently - I have no comment to make on my observations of the alert state during my time in service!!

    However, it is clear that the workings of the Bikini alert state system should be placed in the public domain to avoid confusion about its reported use. Anyone with an inkling of service knowledge would know - or could find out - how it works but the wider public are likely to be confused.
  13. Do you mean in the public domain around about here?

    The Govt could issue a guide as to the meanings of the various alert states and then broadcast them daily along with the weather.... "In dumfries today it's going to be slightly overcast with a spot of drizzle, the alert state this morning will be black special rising to Red sometime this afternoon".
  14. Reminds me of the weather forecasts on BFG radio, " and the zero degree isotherm is at 14,000 feet" the question was two fold, what the hells the zero degree isotherm and more importantly, who gives a f**k.

    (I'm sure some bright eyed pilot type will now proceed to bore the pants of us and tell us)