Bikini Alert????

Can't think of where else to post this...(ok, can't think, Full Stop.)

I got a PM today from 'babyluv221' WTF!!

She (he or it) claims that she's read my profile and likes what she sees!! (Must be fcuking barking). Apparently her name is Miss Rita Mbaye, she is single and 5'8''. If you want to know more about her do please feel free to accept her kind invitation to respond to her on my behalf if you want to know more about her and want a photo! If you're lucky she'll be wearing a veil! Anyway try: . I hasten to add that I haven't responded!! But do let me know how you get on!
I got the same as well!!! SPAM SPAM SPAM!!
check out the 'What the???' thread on the social forum mate.
several other lads have got this as well.
anyone actually contact her/him/it b4 they knew it was a spam?

if so, what yuh get in reply then? :?
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