Hello everyone,
I have an idea. I am a member of the Iron Butt Association (IBA) and took part along with several other Royal British Legion Riders (RBLR) Branch members in this year's Britt Butt Rally.

Of course you don't have to wait for a rally to come along to do a bit of endurance riding. One of the most common methods of entry into the IBA is to complete a "Saddlesore" ride, that is 1000 miles in less than 24 hours. Please see

I have been in touch with the chairman of the IBA and established that the world record for the number of Saddlesore rides done concurrently is 156. I have also been in touch with the president of the UK and European Iron Butt Association ( and he is happy to support a UK attempt on this record.
The idea would be to raise money for the poppy appeal; raise awareness of the RBLR and the IBA and, of course, set a new world record.

I will take care of all the required documentation briefings, admin etc, I just need about 200 bikes who are happy to trundle around the UK and are happy to seek sponsorship for their feat of daring do, and as long as 80% complete the ride, the record will be broken. As the RBLR is currently about 1500 strong I think we can gather enough core support from the branch with additional participants coming from the UK and European long distance riding community, and dare I say it, fellow arrsers.

Squires Cafe ( have kindly agreed to let us use their premises for the event.

The outline would be to start and finish at Squires. There will be a northern route up the A1 to John O'Groats and back along the M6, just over 1000 miles, and a southern one to Dover, then to Lands End and then back, also just over 1000 miles. Participants can go clockwise or anticlockwise. The intention is not to ride in a group, just to start from and finish at the same place. Participants can even pick their own route if they don't like mine, as long as it is documented.

Its not about speed or a race, you can do 1000 miles in 17 hours at an average of 60 mph or to do 1000 miles in 24 hours you need to average 41.6 mph. What will be important is documenting your trip; no documentation, no certification, no world record.

There will be a small entry fee to cover costs (patch, T shirt, certification) and a minimum level of sponsorship, all going to the poppy appeal.

The event will run from about 1200 on Friday the 19th of June through to about 1200 on Monday the 22nd of June 2009. The Friday evening will consist of a riders briefing, documentation issue and odometer checks. There is free camping at Squires if you wish to camp from the Friday through to the Monday (I will try and negotiate Hotel discounts for non-camping participants). The ride start would be between 0800 and 0900 on the Saturday with all successful participants booking back in by 0900 on the Sunday. I envisage a post ride party with probably a BBQ from about 1800 on the Sunday, and then participants go their own way on Monday morning.

So, if you would like to:

a. Help set a new world record.

b. Gain entry to the IBA and have the legendary "World's Toughest Riders" backing plate for your number plate.

c. Help raise awareness of the RBLRB and the IBA.

d. Raise money for the Poppy Appeal by doing something that is both challenging and fun.

Please let me know via the forum. As soon as is practicable I will get the entry details, rules and regs etc published, but I would value it if you could advise me if you are interested via these means.

Ahhhhhh Squires Cafe, for those that haven't been for a few's moved.

Might just be time to dust off ye olde R1.
Two organisations to liaise with for help and assistance along the way should be

A fantastic resource for bikers including help to find parts in deepest darkest mongolia, to places to stay with like minded bikers around the world if you get a bit stuck ( it might be a camp bed in the garage) but more often a great homely welcome.

also check out

I'm up for it! (and the trip, barum tish!) I can get about 10 involved as mates but also have contacts from working in bike dealerships on the South Coast.

We all know our local meets and haunts so we could get some major support when doing this!

Hi all - update.

I have been in discussion with the president of the Iron Butt UK ( just to clarify some points and we are making progress. I hope to get the whole package tied together by the end of the week, but major changes are:

There will be no need for odometer calibration on the Friday and this will cut out about 30 man-hours of admin work. :D
It also means that participants don't have to set out on a 30-mile journey the moment they arrive at Squires. :D

However, as a result of this you must choose one of the routes that will be in the "menu". Each route will be over 1000 miles and you must document your trip using a supplied "fuel log" and date/time stamped receipts from various locations.

This in turn will also make certification on the Sunday when you get back much easier. :D

Certification is quite expensive so in order to keep entry costs down there will probably be a commemorative patch only, no t-shirt.

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