Bikers/white helmets/flying gunners... fast ball 21st DEC

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. I know its the naafi bar, but everyone reads it
    charity that costs you nothing.
    so relax, you dont need to put your hand in your pocket.......

    This is from Rachel at the BMF: (British motorcycle federation)

    FRIDAY 21st DECEMBER 2008 -

    We have been approached by The Make a Wish Foundation (MaWF). This is an organisation that asks terminally ill children what they would wish for and then tries to deliver.

    They have been asked by Jack, a six year old, if he could have some motorcycles ride past his bedroom window. He can not go out and is unlikely to see in the New Year. The BMF has been asked to help.

    West London Harley are involved and we are liaising with them.

    The BMF Chairman, Anna Zee, will be taking part, together with as many volunteers as we can muster.

    The ride will meet at The Farnham Pump on the Farnham Rd, Farnham Royal, Slough, Berkshire, SL2 3AS (This is the A355) on Friday 21st December at 4.30pm. Fancy dress will bring an added smile if anyone can muster something up at this late stage. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MEETING POINT STILL HAS TO BE CONFIRMED- WATCH THIS SPACE.

    With best wishes
    BMF Membership Manager
    0116 2845390

    If you're feeling charitable and think you might wish to squeeze in a last ride before the year is out, heres the perfect opportunity. If you wanna buy the kid a little something too then no-one will stop you. apologies for short notice
  2. Copey

    Cant ride anymore sadly, can you get me the lads address and PM me i may have a couple of bits at home he might like.
  3. FRIDAY 21st DECEMBER 2008 -

    ?? I assume a Typo?
  4. your right it is a typo, well spotted that man!
    its tomorrow guys.
    Think of all the good karma you'll get in your next life for riding along and waving at someone :D
  5. Bump. Good wishes to all, would come along but picking up my new engine for the SV tommorow!
  6. 1000 or 650?
  7. from
    Meeting place confirmed.