Bikers Party between Chippenham and Cirencester

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ogrimark, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Just to let guys know that are in the area and don't have any plans yet.

    Party at Ogri Mcc clubhouse on Sat 17th July, £3 entry.
    Live Band - Black Nasty
    well stocked bar (till very very very late)
    free camping available.
    Burger van on site.
    Free tea and Coffee.

    don't think you have to ride a harley, all bikers welcome. the only rule is you come to have fun and chill out. knobbers need to stay home.

    for those that have not been before and need to know details just pm me.

  2. Cant make that party but can you answer the following questions (in PM if you feel the need),

    Where is the OGRI clubhouse?

    Do you have a regular "open night" at your clubhouse?

    Id just like to know so I can drop in for a social visit some time.
  3. We don't have regular open nights as such, we have open parties but these tend to be more in the colder months when there are less rallies happening. as far as rallies are concerned we host 2 a year, the 'Kickstart' rally which is the last weekend in January and our summer rally which is August bank holiday and generally sells out very quickly after the tickets go on sale.
    pm sent.
  4. Another one for the diary.

    Saturday October 30th 2010.
    Ogri Mcc Halloween Party.
    Live band - 'Dirty Trainers'.
    Well stocked bar (open very late).
    Camping Available.
    If you bring a car load and your not stopping overnight then the driver gets free non alcoholic beverages.
    Prize for best fancy dress.
    Hopefully burger van will be open.
    tip up anytime from 6pm.

    Hope to see some of you there ;)
  5. A car load you say. How will they all fit on my bike?
  6. Do you not have a tank bag and hard luggage?
  7. Yes but none of my friends are Dwarves, Goblins, Gnomes or Leprichauns (SP?) so they will not travel in comfort of style that way!
  8. Is the Halloween night a ticket do or is it a turn up n relax affair ??
  9. In the absence of an official reply to that, I believe it is just turn up on the evening.
    That was my plan anyway!
  10. Fair 1 ;I may bimble along c/w canvas palace if I can talk the LHCO round into me having a "decompress " weekend :eye:
  11. Sorry to my lack of reply i had a bit of a busy weekend (busting)fixing the bike.
    Basically bloke was right, no need for tickets just tip up pitch and get pished.

    hope to see you there.
  12. Unfortunately my plan is turn up earlyish, drink coke, coffee, tea etc, eat burgers or whatever is around, make friends and influence people, leave before the bike turns back into a pumpkin or something. Id prefer a few beers but time the next day is in demand and a bike party sober is better than no party!
  13. agreed. i however am not capable of making such decisions and will probably be proping up the bar or serving at 0500 thinking about how much poop i am in with the missus for being very drunk when she gets up.
  14. Ha ha remember this

    Its easier to beg forgiveness than it is to seek permission :thumright:
  15. Thats how i roll....... LOL