Biker Gang sentenced to Life for Murder

Nothing really earth shattering here - except the ages of the gang who had planned and executed this cold-blooded killing. Having not followed too closely before, I had assumed the defendants to have been a bunch of young hotheads in their teens or twenties. Should I be shocked to discover that ALL the gang were blokes in their mid to late forties, except for the one in his fifties!

As a man in my early forties - all the violent nutters from my youth who i bump into from time to time when out shopping locally have mellowed considerably and are generally ashamed of their pasts - these guys seem to have managed not to mellow and grow up at all.

Sure, there are many 'professional' serious criminals who continue well into their forties and fifties (and thus could be argued to have not grown up either) but whacking some guy out because he is in a different gang? Surely that's what inner city youths are up to.

Is it just me?
Actually, no I don't. Though I understand the murderers were from the Outlaw gang. The murdered biker was 35. From pics of his funeral, there seemed to be bikers (with patches) of all ages (early twenties and up).

I'm sure it is naive of me to be shocked, but it just struck me as odd.
Since the gang is so old they won't have to worry about bum rape while they're inside :twisted:
Just wait till the Bandidos start to move in properly over here - Biker Turf War hell. If Jerry Tobin was a fully badged member of the Hells Angels, not just a hang-around or a prospect, the Outlaws can expect severe retribution. More than likely revenge will be carried out by groups on the European mainland, who are in all out war there - even to the extent that they use RPGs and Anti-tank weapons on each other.

Here you go armyboyfriend, a little background for you...

I've been dealing with these guys for years in court. It is a very sophisticated crime organization and not just a biker's club. If it's illegal, the HAMC are into it and in all likelihood have controlling interests in it. Some of the older guys have now branched off into legitimate businesses (so they say) but in the end it always turns out to be a money laundering cover.

The murders are usually not about just being a gang member of some other colour, it's usually about someone crossing or trying to move into their latest criminal effort.

The present day HAMC is far removed from the original club formed post WWII. It's a multi-billion dollar corporation.
Thanks for that info niner - I hadn't realised that UK bikers were all that hardcore. Isn't it amazing what passes you by.

The media seem to be portraying the murdered chap in quite a good light. Are you suggesting that, as a 'fully patched' Angel he was not as law abiding a citizen as it is implied?

Oh and Spanny, by the look of them I think the younger prison population are the ones to worry about the bumrape!


I agree, HAMC are not just a biker club, not are the Outlaws. I have some experience of both gangs and still have a couple of mates that go on the odd run.

HAMC is a crime corporation and not one to mess with under any circumstances. Full blown turf war going on in nordic countries at the moment, I believe that the drug and prostitution trades are at the centre of it.

Outlaws, less sophistcated than HAMC, but can be more violent

Have'nt heard of the Bandidos make headway over here but if they do!!!!!!!!!
Many of my colleagues have been trying to have the HAMC deemed a criminal organization by the courts, without fail, most media portray them as just bike enthusiasts that went too far. HAMC and the other clubs have a spectacular PR machine and derive much public sympathy on the old days of glory stories.. ie, ex service men from WWII.

The policing agencies here, Crowns and CSIS take these guys very seriously.

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