Biker Films. Add to my list.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by BuggerAll, May 18, 2009.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The only biker films I can think of are:

    Mad Max (great film before Gibson became an arrse)

    Easy Rider

    The Wild One

    Wild Hogs

    Ghost Rider (which did not do it for me)
  2. Don't know of any Biker films, but there is a new series on Bravo: Sons of Anarchy, a Biker gang that runs protection rackets, guns etc in California.

    Ron Perlmen is one of the leads, along with that bird with the great norks who used to be in the Sopranos. :drool:

    Perlmen plays a Vietnam vet(Airborne)who started the gang with some fellow vets.

    Only seen the first episode, but it's pretty good so far. 8)
  3. BMX bandits


  4. Girl on a motorcycle
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    This list is for films where at least one biker appears as a significant plot element.

    The Wild One (1953)
    The Black Rider (1954)
    Teenage Devil Dolls (1955)
    Motorcycle Gang (1957)
    Scorpio Rising (1964)
    Motorpsycho, aka Motor Psycho (1965)
    The Wild Angels (1966)
    Devil's Angels (1967)
    Hell's Angels on Wheels (1967)
    The Glory Stompers (1967)
    The Born Losers (1967, released 1969)
    The Hellcats aka Biker Babes (1967)
    She-Devils on Wheels (1968)
    The Savage Seven (1968)
    Angels from Hell (1968)
    The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968)
    Easy Rider (1969)
    Satan's Sadists (1969)
    Run, Angel, Run (1969)
    Hell's Angels '69 (1969)
    Naked Angels (1969)
    Five the Hard Way aka The Sidehackers (1969)
    The Black Angels (1970)
    C.C. and Company (1970)
    Hell's Belles (1970)
    Hell's Bloody Devils (1970)
    Angel Unchained (1970)
    Cycle Savages (1970)
    Angels Die Hard (1970)
    Nam's Angels, aka The Losers (1970)
    Rebel Rousers (filmed 1967, realeased 1970)
    Chrome and Hot Leather (1971)
    Werewolves on Wheels (1971)
    Angels Hard as They Come (1971)
    The Peace Killers (1971)
    Psychomania (1971)
    The Hard Ride (1971)
    The Pink Angels (1971)
    Bury Me an Angel (1972)
    Angels' Wild Women (1972)
    Blood Freak (1972)
    The Dirt Gang (1972)
    Sukeban gerira (1972)
    Cycle Psycho aka Savage Abduction (1973)
    The Black Six (1974)
    Stone (1974)
    Trip with the Teacher (1975)
    God Speed You! Black Emperor (1976)
    Every Which Way But Loose (1978)
    Mad Max (1979)
    Quadrophenia (1979)
    Kuruizaki sanda rodo (1980)
    Return of the Rebels (1981)
    The Aftermath (1982)
    Bakuretsu toshi (1982)
    Grease 2 (1982)
    The Loveless (1982)
    Hell Riders (1984)
    Mask (1985)
    The Majorettes (1986)
    Vamp (1986)
    Eye of the Tiger (1986)
    Nightmare Beach (1988)
    Easy Wheels (1989)
    Pumpkinhead (1989)
    Chopper Chicks in Zombietown (1989)
    Masters of Menace (1990)
    The Final Alliance (1990)
    Don't Tell Her It's Me (1990)
    Blood Ties (1991)
    Stone Cold (1991)
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)
    Roadside Prophets (1992)
    Beyond the Law (1992)
    Chrome Soldiers (1992)
    Running Cool (1993)
    Jailbreakers (1994)
    The Stranger (1995)
    Zombie Cult Massacre (1998)
    Biker Dreams (1998)
    Hellblock 13 (2000)
    Hochelaga (2000)
    Biker Zombies (2001)
    Lone Hero (2002)
    Biker Boyz (2003)
    Angel in Chains (2004)
    Torque (2004)
    Dhoom (2004)
    The Rain Makers (2005)
    Greed (2006)
    Missionary Man (2007)
    Ghost Rider (2007)
    Wild Hogs (2007), a comedy
    Hell Ride (2008)
    Biker Mania (2009), a documentary
  6. You probably have seen it; and it's not quite what you asked, but for the benifit of possibly you and all the others perusing this threa; be aware that 'Long Way Round' and 'Long Way Down' (With Ewan McGreggor, and Charlie Boorman), are both on youtube. (Long way round has 10 episodes and Long way down has about 7 or 8 episodes I think).

    Part one Episode one of LWR is here:

    Part one Episode one of LWD is here:

    Fuccking awesome programmes, infact LWR is probably my favorite programme ever. If you're into bikes (and even if not), or travel, then definitely give them a watch, while they're available on youtube for free!
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Seen - but thanks for the thought.

    Not seen- the one about the Che Guevara or whatever the b'stards name was and I'm not inclined to. Socialism has caused enough misery in the world without me having to sit through 90 mins of tedious agit prop.
  8. Quadraphenia :lol:
  9. Moped film ..
    But Quality 8)
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Arn't there some good bits when they get beaten up by bikers...
  11. Best bit was Leslie Ash being done up the alley way .
  12. Freebird. a British Biker film from 2008.
  13. The Motorcycle Diaries. Actually I have no idea what it's about, and havn't watched it yet. But I saw it in tescos today for 4 quid, so thought I may as well.
  14. evil kenevil