Bike warranty.

Just popped in to sort out a date for second years service on the Bonnie. Couple of questions, then, what's it going to cost? £500. What! At about thirteen months the thing chewed up a rear sprocket bearing, sorted FOC. But what are they going to do for £500? Take it to bits and mic everything? I appreciate the service has to be done to keep the warranty going, but it seems a little steep. In fact it's near as dammit a months state pension, or more to the point, 200 pints.
Are manufacturers taking the piss, or am I losing touch with the real world?


Its a bit steep, but not that surprising for a full dealer service at premium hourly labour rates. A fairly average car or van can cost nearly a grand for a full service these days.

Why not ask them for a rough breakdown of what you get? I imagine they'll reset the head bearings, test all the other bearings (wheeel, swingarm), drain/refill/bleed the brakes, remove the top cover and test/adjust the valves, change the oil and filters, etc... doesn't take long for it all to rack up....
I dont own a Bonny but my guess is that it is similar to some other bikes out there in that every second service is a big one. If they tell you it is £500 every second one and around £250 for the in-between one then that sounds about right.

Motorbikes are not as cheap to run as some people think!

Once it is out of warantee, learn to do it yourself and save a packet.
I've been taking bikes to bits and putting them together again, usually succesfully, for over 50 years. I don't really want to start too much spannering at this stage of the game, anyway it's not so much spannering as being a master electrician. Electronic this, electronic that. I wouldn't know where to start. It would be nice if they gave me a list of what they do, and I could say "Right, I'll do that that and that, knock it off the price" But that would no doubt invalidate the warranty. I'm in a lose lose situation. To the tune of 200 pints! I suppose that's what really hacks me orf.
Straightforward service. The usual change oil, brake fluid, plugs & filters then lots of inspect/check/adjust.

...........Once it is out of warantee, learn to do it yourself and save a packet.
That's OK for some people but I should think that most, me included, would be lost on today's machines. Unfortunately if something goes amiss on your bike while riding it's a lot different than a car!!!!! (Speaking from experience).
Best bite the bullet and get it done professionally IMO.
If you look at what is done on a routine service, very little of it is complicated.

The "in-between" service in particular is unlikely to consist of much more than an oil and filter change and some simple mechanical checks. Your manual should tell you what is carried out. See what it is and if you can, do it yourself. Put the approx £200 saved towards the more complex major service.

The major service is likely to include various more complex engine related functions that may require secialist tools and playing with high tech parts of the bike and you may be happier leaving that to the pro's.

Things you should definately be able to do/confident to check yourself are:

Fluid and filter changes.
Brakes, check, replace pads, bleed.
Chain clean lube and adjust.
Spark plugs - may be hard to get at on some models.
Tyres/Wheels - get the appropriate stands and save money by dismounting your wheels yourself when it comes time for a new set of tyres.
So. The deed's been done. I get the feeling I have too. To the tune of £514.26p. Valve clearances on all four inlet valves, one exhaust valve, reshimmed. All the rest I do as a matter of course. ie POL, tyres, chain, brakes, etc, etc. Even charge £4 to get rid of used oil! Naturally they plug it into their blasted computer.Spare me from this modern world.
I suppose on the plus side they cleaned it and I got a courtesy bike for the day. I'll be saving a fortune once all the warranty stuff is expired.
Rant over..and out.
Well you have and you havn't. That sounds like the "major" service and that is about right price-wise at a dealer. Having said that, it is a rip off and you could save a shed load in future by doing all the simple stuff yourself and paying an independant just to do the valve shims (once out of warranty).

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