Bike tour across America

I was looking at undertaking a bike tour, either across, or up the coast of, America. Does anyone have any suggestions of either routes and/or machines to do this on (I was thinking a nice noisy Harley).

Also, are there any reccommended companies for one-way hire of the bikes - don't really fancy having to drop off at the same place I picked it up from.


It won't be cheap to hire a bike for any decent length of time compared to a hire car price. Eagle Rider have most of the HD rental market sewn up in the US, they do one way rental and military discount.
Something I'd always planned to do with my mate (who popped his clogs with a stroke so buggered that plan) was the old Route 66, which was the main semi-trans-continental road across the US before freeways.

Well worth checking out.
I have this down on my list of things to do within the next couple of years.

I intend to fly to Vegas, hire an iron horse and ride to Laguna Seca for the US MotoGP, then ride back again and go home.

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