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Hi, I'm getting back into biking have just bought a trike. I live in N Wales and am thinking of doing a couple of rallies this year. Any recomendations? Thought of doing "Youve Been Nabbed" in May. Have any Arrsers been to this rally before? Is it any good/
Youve been nabbed has a good rep but Ive never done it. Join MAG and go to their rallies (or just go anyway). The "Farmyard" is a good one. Also East Leeds Lions do a good Easter Rally (at least they used to, I havnt been for a few years. OGRI and PILRC are two great rallies (get your ticket early). On the commercial front, the Rock and Blues (Outlaws) and the Bulldog bash (HAMC) are both worth doing at least once. I've yet to go to a significant rally I didnt enjoy.
Doing Bulldog. I have signed up with the RBL Riders Branch and their annual rally is up the road from me so may well go along.

Havn't been to a rally or bike show for over 20 years now. Used to do the Kent on a regular basis. Looking forward to the summer.
If you are with RBLR and also sign up to your local MAG group you will be spoilt for choice of events to attend with people you will quickly get to know. Once you are a regular rally goer you will start bumping into the same poeple over and over again. I dont do rallies much at the moment ofr for the last few years (too busy) but when I did, I always had a great time. Good luck and have fun!
I belong to a Kawasaki club the VRA - all good bods and have brilliant rallies and ride outs, depending on what bike you ride there will probably be an owners club, always useful for best spares/upgrade queries etc-been to other rallies - the Farmyard and was good fun-after many years of camping with a bike the only thing I'd say is get the tallest tent you can and get a big single airbed - much better than a Karrimat and takes up the same room-enjoy yerself and safe riding-the standard of driving by non bikers these days is appaulling so take care
PS as said by others the RBL riders are a good outfit
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