Bike license as a VM?

Iv currently got my Car license and taken my cbt. I was planning to do my bike test before i get in but my local test centre has no dates before i start basic.

I understand you get your HGV Cat C+E but do you get a bike license as a VM? If not is there any way when people are doing their standard driving test i would be able to pay to do my bike test?

Thanks, Frosty
Your chances of getting the army to pay for your bike license are not very high at all. Unless you're in a job where you can demonstrate that you need to ride a bike to carry out said job. Even then, getting on a course as a nig will be a challenge. My advice take a week off, do your course pass your test and then buy a bike that you're not going to kill yourself on. A GIXER 1000 is NOT a good first bike!!
FINE... il settle with an R1 :twisted:

I would be happy to pay for it just wondered if it would be possible seen as iv taken my driving test and im guessing some people will still need to do that.

But yeah looks like il have to take it on leave.

Thanks, Frosty
i tried for 12 yrs to get my bike license as a VM thru the army.... i failed.

i did it on my resettlement.

i now have a Gixxer 1000!
I'd get it before you join up, that way anytime the Plt Sgt walks in and asks who has a motorbike license you can volunteer. :)

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