Bike insurance WTF!!??

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Ravers, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I know, I know, I've spent the past year or so accusing bikers of being bummers, but I think it's time to resurrect my teen years and get a 125 scrambler for getting around the big shit pot that is London.

    I've seen quite a tidy looking little supermoto jobby (basically a motocross bike with road wheels and tyres) for just over 3 grand brand new.

    This is well within my budget and it seems like pretty good value for money. It looks cool and all the reviews say it is the nuts. For an extra 150 quid it comes with extra off road wheels and tyres so I can use it at weekends for tearing around the woods.

    So today I looked at insurance, I've been on a load of the price comparison sites but the cheapest I could find insurance for is over 1200 quid! What the fcuk!?

    I have a full car licence (I'll be riding the scrambler on a bike provisional with CBT and L plates), I'm over 25, live in a nice part of town, have some no claims bonus, no convictions in the past 5 years, home owner, position of responsibility at work etc. etc.

    Why is it so expensive? By way of comparison, I was paying around £600 for a 50cc when I was a spotty 16 year old youth. I currently pay under £800 quid a year for myself and the missus to both be insured fully comp on our big **** off Nissan truck. Even our brand new Alfa Brera S was less than a grand to insure, again that was for both of us.

    Any ideas why bike insurance is so hefty? I've looked at other types of bike on the off chance that the one I want is some super Gucci nickable one but they all appear to be around the same price.
  2. Ravers,

    Have you tried swinton bike insurance.
    I am recently back on 2 wheels after a long break hence zilch no claims etc on bike insurance. I was losing the will to live and tried swinton as a last resort and was very pleased with the quote waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than all the others.
    One thing though with any vehicle insurance has been loaded quite alot due to the mega amount the insurance compaines had to pay out due to last winter and the excessive amounts of whiplash injuries too , so i was told anyway.

    Good luck

    R M
  3. Your reputation must have preceded you. It comes to something when even insurance companies know you're a **** 8-O
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  4. The value of the bike will affect it, go over a grand and the premium jumps something spectacular. The type of bike also affects it ie: commuter scoot less risk than a 'supermoto trialie bike'. There`s also the problem of being on L plates, and you don`t mention how much older than 25 you are. Only thing I can suggest is either pick up a cheap 125 commuter scooter, or a cheaper trialie type bike, something around the £500 mark, ride that for a year and spend the extra dosh passing your test.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've worked bloody hard to alienate people and be a **** all my life, I'd be sorely disappointed if the insurers thought anything less.
  6. I really is down to how long you have had your full license (20+ years) coupled with no claims (Max) and lots of age (50+). I pay £160 fully comp for a Triumph 1050 Sprint. Off for me Sanatogen now.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just for research purposes I did a quote (Gocompare) saying I had a full bike licence, it wasn't much cheaper to be honest. I want a trailie because it's what I'm used to and I still have all my motocross gear. I can't really see myself on a scooter with my AXO helmet, boots and jacket. Looks like a cheap second hand shitter might have to be the way forward. Either that or go for TPFT only.
  8. I have just got me self back on two wheels too, with a 125 trailie type bike, which is only costing me £240 for the year to insure, thats with no bike no-claims and as learner, this is with 'mce', dont know if they'd be any better, but i was recommended them by the dealer and they seemed pretty good. Maybe being in the big smoke doesn't help, as when I moved from east London my car insurence halved!
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    I should think that insurance prices, particularly in city postcodes, are hiked up by the fact that if the thieving scum decide to have your bike away, they can.

    Most car security is pretty good ( at least the taking and driving away bit is difficult ), and without the keys, they can only rob the contents, but a bike lifted into a van, alarms blazing or not, immobiliser activated or not, is simple.

    Even if people see it happening, they probably wouldn't even realise whats going on ( or care ).

    Still got to be cost effective to run the bike, even with that insurance tho, what with congestion and parking charges you dodge.

    Bus lanes open to bikes make it even better in town now. Apart from ******* cyclists. Winner.
  10. I am insured with Carole Nash. Mostly because they are good value but also as they have dealt with two complete writeoffs for me with an exceptional service .

    If your proposed bike is indeed the dogs nuts then that alone will explain most of your sky high insurance, the little inbred twats who steal bikes for their jollies will be looking at your bike as a future toy.

    1) Declare that you will never carry a pillion ( on CBT you cannot anyway )

    2) Limited mileage

    3) datatag or similar

    4) Buy a shed of a bike instead for the commuting, keep the shiny one at home as a weekend toy.

    5) Get a full bike licence

    That might get your premium down abit.

    A huge amount of the premium is based on the type of bike and its perceived use as you can imagine...a supermoto is designed to be looned about, that gives the insurance company shivers.

    On a note of interest. 108 pounds a year fully comp and claims protected on my bike, year long green card/recovery/medical/personal insurance/unlimited mileage......purely because I have a hoofing great off-road BMW that is 15 years old and am assumed to be a sensible rider.
  11. have you tried a comparison with just a normal road bike, cbr/cbf125 ? similar stats as you(age/home owner etc), and it was £300 FC for me, on a new 125 worth 3K ..
    my 600RR only cost me £700FC soon as I did my DAS that was with 1 claim ...
  12. oh! and the insurers do like it if you have an 'Oxford' lock, as these are insurance approved and are 20-30 quid but they will reduce your premium if you got one!!
  13. When the name "Ravers" appears on an application for insurance, it´s got to ring a few alarm bells don´t you think?
  14. I am only £98 fully comp for my CBR 600 F4 and TRX 850...together :) The joys of living in the Scottish Highlands and having a garage.

    Anyway, back to the issue at hand. At £3k+ I am guessing you are going for something a little bit out of the norm..Aprillia by any chance? Something the toerags love to nick. A 125cc Supermoto style bike is the most nicked bike in the UK..London probably being the ultimate place to get one nicked.

    If it were me commuting in London I would buy a secondhand heap for £500 and insure third party only and carry a sodding great chain, or I would buy a Vespa, get nearly 100mpg, superb town manners and a bit of italian styling :)

    (Ok..I am an ex mod..bit of a soft spot)