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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by tiny_lewis, Aug 28, 2013.

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  1. Feeling in need of a mid-life crisis, I've booked myself on a CBT, with the intention of taking the DAS route to full licence. Did my car test back in 1984 via the mil driving course (full of nice easy tests, like reading the reg plate of a car parked outside the office and a big hint to look at the plate).

    I've tried the on-line theory tests on the DVLA site; simple enough. But what is this hazard test? The explanation is straightforwards, but what actually is it, and how does it work?
  2. Its a hazard perception test. Its part of the theory test now. I passed my bike licence last year and unfortunately you have to do your theory again for your bike licence. The hazard perception is pretty much a series of videos you watch. When you think you see a hazard you press the button to confirm you have spotted it. Just pressing the button randomly means you lose points and fail. The funny thing is (when I did it anyway), the hazard perception is taken from the view of being in a car!
  3. So it'll be a Harley then..??
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  4. The hazard perception test is simple enough, AA driving school - Hazard perception test - AAttitude for an example. The key thing about hazards is that they are both 'developing' and the sort of thing where you will have to take some action.

    For example cars on the other side of the road, bends and junctions don't apply. What you will see is a pedestrian start to run out in the road, or a car pull out in front of you. Usually forcing the driver to slow down.

    The trick is though, if you have have been driving for a while that you might click early. I tended to click when I first saw the hazard then again as I got closer and then again as it developed, so I got at least some points. For most I got 5 (maximum) although one I clicked too often and got zero but seriously man, there were HAZARDS! EVERYWHERE! I'd have gotten off the bike and walked into town :)

    There are numerous examples on the tinternet. Good luck! I did my DAS about 18 months ago, wish I'd done it sooner.
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  5. Naa, [​IMG]


    BMW S1000RR, Guaranteed insta-death
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Just to back up WhatAmIDoing I did one for fun when my wife did her test, failed it abysmally, purely because I was spotting the hazard before the system thought i should do.

    Classic one being a cyclist coming down a footpath from the left, I see a helmet over the hedge heading my way, I click, I see the cyclist passing a gap in the hedge, I click....both too early for the system which believes it is only a hazard once you can see the whole cyclist and they are about to jump infront of you on the road....

    But as others say, there are tests online and some good explainations of the logic.

  7. as others have said here before. if you already drive you will click far to early. if you click on when you think it is too late you will probably get full marks.

    most bike schools can lend you a practice disk with lots of tests on it. use it, as you will find that what you and the testers consider hazards may be completley different things.

    good luck

    sent using the power of voodoo and a shite samsung phone.
  8. I believe you pass the test by recognising the word O..V.....L.........O.................V..........

    As it's the last thing you see as you bounce over a Volvo's bonnet.
  9. Main hazards are ***** in BMW,s ..oh hang on a minute.........
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  10. Well they are useful for something, then. I, on the other hand, in a BMW am useful purely for overtaking you. :)
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  11. Nah, I leave that to Syledis. He needs a crisis a week, else he feels neglected.
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