Bike for triathlon?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_beer_man, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys.

    I'm looking to start getting into triathlons but I've no idea where to start with regards to a bike. I understand that a racer is what's needed but that's where my knowledge stops. I'm not the greatest rider so will need to be something user friendly but neither have I got endless pots of money.

    Any advice or recommendations?

  2. yeah, don't get sucked in to spending a fortune. your relationship with your first bike will be short lived as you adapt your spinning style. cap yourself at a sensible level ie £500. don't buy mail order unless you've tried for size at a 'proper' bike shop and had the fit checked (ie not halfords). Avoid anything carbon if you are a novice, you WILL fall off and a spill can write off carbon.

    PS - i learned all of the above from painful (and expensive) personal experience!
  3. I am the same as you this is my first year of Triathlons and not going mad on buying bling, You can spend a small fortune on bike 'porn', on a carbon tri/ TT bike! I brought a Giant Defy 3.5, road bike for just under £500 from my local bike shop. You can get triathlon packages from various triathlon shops which include a bike, wetsuit, trisuit etc.

    I brought a tri suit for £44.00 discounted from £75.00!! Have you looked at the Army Triathlon Association on ArmyNET, as they run training weekends, they have one next weekend down in Aldershot for the grand sum of £15.00 and they cater for complete Tri 'virgins' like us.

    If you want any more info PM me.

  4. This time of year some good deals can be found for S/H road bikes ... find the size you need by visiting a good bike shop and then have a good look around on the internet ... your first bike will very soon be upgraded and as you gain experiance you will begin to get the spec you want / need by learning from your mistakes and by chatting to others ... be warned - its a slippery slope and the bike porn will get you in the end ;-) above all remember to enjoy yourself .
  5. Why do people suggest this. A small independent bike shop is normally run by cyclists for cyclists. You will get great advice good service and you will probably get some new mates. I am always at my local bike shop and see people with mail order bikes wrongly assembled and they have to be rebuilt at a cost that is normally more than the original saving. I know what I would prefer!!
  6. Ive known of a few people who have just gone to a bike shop and asked to be sponsored for the bike (lending not keeping). I mean, long term its not probably the best route, but maybe you could sort something, may save you a bob or two if you for some reason realise its not for you.

    Saying that, the people i knew were sponsored a bike for a help for heroes manchester to paris..