Bike for Sale.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, May 17, 2013.

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  1. One careful owner, slightly damaged.

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    Contact The_Guru for details, but if he doesn't answer, it's because of all his broken bits.
  2. Did he skid on your slime trail...????
  3. Err, no. I'm in North Yorkshire and he was knacked by some bird in that London.
  4. I read on of Barry Sheene's bios a while ago, he dropped a bike in a race and couldn't understand what had happened, on closer inspection of the apex he noted a splattered slug. It can happen.
  5. My baby !

    Sat in A&E at Chelsea and Westminster hospital surrounded by piss stained No Marks reminded me of when I lived in a joint RAF Mess.

    My right radius is shagged. Needs plating. No wanking for a while and wiping ones arse is a challenge.

  6. you need this for arse wiping then,


    thank the romans for that little invention.

    anyway, enough of your self indulgent whining, what's the full story on the bike? It looks like a right girly accident and should buff out nicely.
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  7. You won't be needing your boots for a bit, eh? Wot size?
  8. he will, for bloody walking around in, cos he won't be riding the bike for a while.
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  9. nice, ideal candidate for a PGO buggy conversion.

    get well soon, disclocated, fractured and broke my right radius jumping quads like a mong on Ord officer - sounds better than slipping over and falling down an embankment :)
  10. You wipe your arse after two's, not one's - silly
  11. But just think of the traumatic memories pulling on his bikie boots will induce.
    I'm only thinking of his best interests you know.
  12. Is that all you whining fuck?

    Why don't you just suck it up and go home. You are wasting nurses' valuable time and NHS resources that could go to more deserving cases like illegal immigrants with toothache.

    Any pretty nurses?

    Thought not.
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  13. The paramedic woman was gorgeous and there were a couple of hotties in A&E. the X Ray nurse had to dress me. Best action I've had in ages.

    And it was a woman. Bonus.
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  14. Pisser mate hope you get sorted quickly, Bike a right off? If so get it back and claim salvage rights on it then break the bike for bits like Bipolar77 said.
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  15. A woman, eh? Bit of a change for you, then.

    Look on the bright side, you'll have plenty of time now to replay those 2013 6-Nations matches and revise your predictions AGAIN.

    More seriously, hope that recovery is rapid and painlessish. Bad luck.