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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fang_Farrier, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Cardinal Keith O'Brian gets Stonewall's Bigot of the Year for his opposition to gay marriage.

    Is this an award you'd be proud to win?

    BBC News - Storm over Stonewall's Cardinal Keith O'Brien 'bigot' award

    "Previous winners of the Stonewall Bigot of the Year award include Daily Mail columnists Melanie Phillips and Jan Moir, Tory MP Chris Grayling and Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party MLA Iris Robinson"
  2. We are only allowed to say nice things about stonewall, if you disagree with anything they say or make humerous comments about those with limp wrists they will try close the website down.
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  3. I doubt I'd qualify as I don't give enough of a shit about what a bunch of brownhatters do, to object to any of it.
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  4. Considering that his hobbies likely include sucking off young boys....
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  5. I wonder if that preposterous padre still haunts the site.

  6. How's tricks, Padre?
  7. Just remember it's a crime for us to be Homophobic but it's acceptable for them to be Hetrophobic.
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  8. Anything Stonewall objects to is probably reasonable to reasonable people ---but in this case?
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  9. I see it as negative campaigning. I have no objection to them promoting themselves and seeking equality however there's a mean streak to Stonewall which isn't very nice. Remember the 'outings' where they decided and took it upon themselves to 'out' gay men and women in public life.

    Interesting that Abu Hamza was not chosen despite his 'all homosexuals should be stoned to death' stance.
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  10. As a previous poster has said a hypocritical gang of b*stards, try calling the local Iman bigoted and see how along you last
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  11. These cunt's along with feminazi's really grip my shit (no pun intended)...they are pushing at an open door (no pun intended) for fucks sake. If they were proper campaigners they would be doing a lot more for the rights of hermers, lezzers, and wimmin in those parts of the world where REAL inequality and oppression exist. Boring, showboating, wankers.
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  12. I have nothing against gay people. But I do have something against tossers that decide to shove their beliefs in my face. All of this gay pride parade stuff is frankly humiliating. I am a straight man, but I don't feel the need to "parade" in my underwear dancing with women down the high street to "celebrate" this.
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  13. Yeah, but you'd like to, wouldn't you? Especially if the County Council paid for it.
  14. Of course I would.

    Here's an idea. How about a few of us get together and claim everyone is horrible to us, and that we just want to be treated the same. To demonstrate this, we act like mongs and have a carnival full of obese semi naked blokes badly dancing. That's how we can make people see we are perfectly normal and nothing to be scared off.

    We can then go on tv. We shall point out that one of our friends was punched a few weeks ago, and that was clearly because he was a member of arrse (cos you know, people dont get drunk and punched if they arnt arrse members, so it must be a hate crime). We shall make a huge fucking fuss about this.

    Infact, lets make it a propper club. Lets nominate people for prizes that they don't really want. Arrse's "Dick of the day" or "Mong of the month". Clearly being branded such a name will be enough to make people change their way's and show us the respect we deserve!
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