Bigley Dead?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rudolph_Hucker, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    See other threads - looks like there's an internet video. Terrible news
    Disgraceful Mr B'liar

    ...f**king disgraceful.

    Hope you sleep well.
  3. There was no way these rag-fu*ks were ever going to release the poor sod. They just used him as a propaganda tool. I take back almost everything I've ever said about the Spams. They should go in hard now and clear Falluja. Anyone gets in the way, slot them. Feck their Islamic sensibilities. These bastar*s can't have it both ways. :twisted:
  4. Watched "West Wing" today and a comment was made on there "when will it stop, when the Stars and Stripes flies over Mecca?"

    I'm begining to beleive that that is probably what it will take. B*stard thing is, isn't that exactly (except for the Stars & Stripes thing) what a certain Austrian tried to do a few years ago?

    There is no answer to this, if we pull out of Iraq / Afghanistan / insert any other country that radicals throw in with, we are followed to our own countries as "infidels".

    Ken Bigley was dead from the day he was taken, I'm sure we all know that. As much as I hate bLiar, there was nothing he could have done short of a full withdrawl to save him. Whilst a portion of the blame for his death lies with bLiar for getting us into it in the first place (although, I agree with the end result, just not the reasons or spam methods), lets not forget who it is thats pulling the triggers and holding the knives, these people can not be reasoned with, can not be negatiated with and will never change their ways.

    Exactly how, outside of the remit of King Richard, do you actually fight these animals?

    Not for one second am I suggesting that we give up, but we need a better and more public way (PC or not) of taking these b*stards on at their own game.

  5. Have to agree with you - the sympathies I had before if any -seems to diminish each time i hear shit like this. I think they knew they were going to kill him, probably killed him before today but waiting to see what the Brits would come up with.

    Cannot begin to imagine what the family's going thru
  6. You do a disservice to animals, Aunty Stella. They wouldn't be this cruel. There's simply no way of arguing or reasoning with medieval scumbags who have an absolute belief in the religious righteousness of their cause.

    I opposed the reasons for last year's war, went to it because I had to, and came back - for the fourth time after duty in the Arab world - with a reinforced view that it would be no bad thing to teach them a very final lesson. They're a waste of space and oxygen who've done nothing for 800 years apart from whine about "infidels' and western intolerance.

    "Inshallah" is the prefect excuse for non-achievement. Like all religious drivel, it's an invention to keep the great unwashed in line.
  7. Old fashioned 'Hearts and Minds' IMHO.

    At present, its one step forward, three back each time 'we'* vapourise a small disabled school or a 'wedding'. Win the peeps over .. not with western ideoligy, their own lifestyle cack......

    If that fails, large bucket of sunshine...small bomb, big cloud, marbled floored car park for the next 3000 years.

    With ref to us taking the fcukers out, we need to find them first.

    *The US war machine with us holding despersatley on to the hand of the red neck slack jawed hick in the White house.
  8. And eventually we could build a supermarket with unlimited parking space in which the milk would never sour........Sounds good to me. Why don't we have a practice in February. Airburst over Mecca at about 5000 feet at Haj time. Ten megabuckets should do nicely. 8)
  9. Yep, but there are times when I wish that Slobodan Milosovich could get his hands on the button.

    Bet you that 24 hours after that, we wouldn't have an Islamic fundamentalist problem.
  10. Just noticed that.

    The "cradle of humanity" as the middle east was has, thanks to islam, stood still for 800 years.

    Well done allah.

    The ironic thing is, if those fcukers actually beleived it, we'd never get any info of their pointless murders on the internet as a true beleiver would never touch such a dirty western inention such as a computer.

    They are just filth who need to be tracked down and exterminated in the same way that you would get rid of rats.
  11. Whats the point.Such a waste. Even the thickest must realise we do not, and cannot, negotiate with Terrorist scum.

    This is not blood on Blairs' hands: thet are murdering bastards. This is not because of Blair. Its sheer terrorism. We CANNOT bow to it.

    So sorry for the family.
  12. Sactly, Jerb. These types aint the real deal when it comes to Islam. We need to let the real Muslims get a grip of this and do their stuff. We may disagree with Islamic ideology but the true Muslim is actually a peaceful type. The propaganda tends to lose this in translation. The peeps who perpitrate the atrocities in the name of religion are akin, if I may say to the types who fed Robert Nairac into a sausage machine in Dundalk in the name of their faith. A poor excuse which unfortunatley did win certain weak members of the religion to the 'cause' in the name of etc.

    We need to remember it aint about faith, bibles, Korans, who is better than who in the name of what came first, chicken egg etc. Thats the ruse these feckers play on.

    I would welcome and actively attempt getting 'Abdullah, Mustafah and Rashid' onside. What turns the likes of the normal, peace abiding woman hating Muslim is when we judge them all as mad mullahs and act accordingly.
  13. Agree Flash.

    Thing is, what we need is all of the above mentioned on side and vocal.

    They need to be preaching it at the mosque, on the streets, in the papers.

    The first time I see or hear of a Muslim cleric damning this scum to hell in a public forum, I will go out of my way to meet him and shake his hand because that is what it needs.

    By my understanding of the Muslims interpretation of "Jihad" (as they have described in the press), the mainline Muslims should be declaring Jihad on the fundamentalists as they are corrupting Islam.

    Instead I hear a deafening silence. Just imagine how much support the local mosque would get if they ever actually turned round and said “they (the fundamentalists) are wrong and we declare Jihad against them, we are going to rally volunteers to wipe them out”. Instead, all I see is anti western videos and books getting sold outside the main mosques and the Police ignoring it in case they upset an ethnic minority.

    On an equal par to the filth that the minority of fundamentalists pedal, would I get away with selling “Mein Kampf” outside Sunday School whilst flying a swastika from the roof?

    Doubt it, but then again, what do the gov and the law care about me? All I ever did was get born here, serve 9 years in the service of the country and never get a criminal record..
  14. Aunty, the real fact is the media tend to play down the subtle acts of disagreement from the Muslim communities. Why? Not 'front page kit'. More sensational when we hear of fcukwits like the hooked t*at. Op force stuff and the like.

    I agree with your sentiment ref 'PC issues and not wanting to appear 'racist'. The only people who are worried about this are people who are not 'ethnic'. The minorities who are getting tarnished with this brush are trying as much as they can to distance themselves from the crap.

    I got a community order for that one mate! Barstards! Free speech, my arrse.

    A question. A world ruled by a dictatorship actually saves lives due to the lack of freedom of speech. At least only one potential idiot runs the show. A psuedo democracy allows even the most stupid person to voice an opinion and have a vote. That is dangerous. Where would you like to live?