Bigley book of condolence stolen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UlsterFry, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. :evil:
  2. Stolen. :twisted:

    That's a word used ,because "Taken from the Mosque and destroyed by the fundamentalist fringe that use Central Mosque" don't sit well.

    I understand Central Mosque are replacing the book ,and the Imam will have someone stagging on from now on.

    In their defence ,the commitee at the Mosque are spitting nails.
  3. Absolutely, PTP. It only takes one idiot in the congregation to tar the reputation of the whole mosque. Kudos to Central Mosque for even trying to show their support for peace.

  4. It's good to see the Central Mosque take a stand and demonstrate that the majority of muslims in this country do not support the fundamentalist lunatics. It'll be interesting to see what happens if the perpetrators are caught - Al-Mujahiroun, anyone?
  5. Or indeed, "Al Muhajiroun". Translates approximately as "the Pilgrims".

  6. Bigley book of condolence is little more than a publicity stunt.
  7. Thanks. I wonder what my transposed spelling translates as?
  8. Or maybe just a jesture to the heartbroken family.....!?
  9. Armourer

    It's not . They never announced the book of rememberance to the press until it was stolen. Also , I have had a chance to speak with some in the Islamic hierarchy hereabouts , there is a genuine feeling of revulsion at what happened to bigley.

    I also understand , that there are moves afoot to "Clean house" as far as some members of the central Mosque are concerned.
  10. You believe that if you like.
  11. PTP, next you'll be telling me that Islam is all about peace & tolerance.
  12. Alternatively as "The Refugees"."Those who flee from"
  13. The visions of a mental patient who believed he was talking to Jibril(Archangel Gabriel) mixed up with nicked bits from Judaism,Zoroaster,Akhenaten.Sabaen Moon worship and bull footed Gods of the north wind accepted with great zeal and blood letting by the jolly folk of Arabia.Plus the worship of curiously phallic black stones
    Salman Rushdie-all is forgiven!
  14. No Armourer , that is a separate issue. I am talking from MY personal experience in contact with people close to the Mosque over the last few days.

    I was talking to them on another matter , the book being stolen overlapped.
  15. Al muhajiroon means the emigrants... Pilgrims mean Hujjaj (Plural for Haaj)