Biggles to the Rescue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Excognito, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. So his caper didn't involve Ginger and Algy then?
  2. Would that be book seventy-four in the series, entitled Biggles Takes it Rough?
  3. He landed in a tree on purpose? FFS. Why didnt he copy his landing from one of any number of flying instructors famous books and land on the nice flat fairway? Muppet.
  4. Book five in the series is Biggles Learns To Fly.

    It appears he'd only just started it.
  5. I never go flying without it

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  6. Biggles and the Golfers

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  7. Is this scenario the one from Biggles Snaps Off a Big Log?
  8. I see the fine hand of our friend Von Stalhein in all this...

    (Edited for ze spellink)
  9. I liked the following trilogy within the series:

    "Biggles Holds His Own"

    "Biggles Holds Algy's"

    The RAF Holds An Enquiry"

    (That gag got me a ban from the BBC message boards for spreading messages of a homophobic/hate crime nature :x )
  10. Little feckers from Kirkton still had the wheels and stereo away.