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Bigging it up on Facebook

A collegue at work has a brother serving in the RAF at an undisclosed RAF station in the North East of Scotland (thats going to be hard to work out).

There was a thread going on Facebook about Costa coffee and somehow my mates brother managed to slip in that there was more to life than worrying about the price of a Costa, especially when he is about to go "in the field" and be shot at.

I politely said "RAF? Field? Your having a laugh!"

He got a bit uppity about that and said "Yeah. As force protection we do actually live in field conditions". Turns out he is off to Afghanistan after Xmas.

Sooo..I mentioned that I have been stationed at the same airfield with the resident RAF Regt and the Reserve unit there, had been Force Protection and had volunteered as part of a MERT team and came out with a few "insider" jokes. He went quiet.

I asked my mate if I had offended his brother by calling him a car park attendent etc.

He looked confused. I asked him what his brother did...turns out he is a flight planner and works in the Control Tower!

Maybe so but he is going on tour and bigging it up to get a shag so no harm done....CRAB fuck.......even the RIFRAF are allowed to big it up to get his oats before deploying with what ever sex he chooses....did you pull by the way???
He is married, I am too old for that malarky!...plus I did not mention anything in public, all "military" correspondence was done via carrier pigeon.

I don't need to big it up what with my VRSM and Goldern Jubilee medals and all!! :)

I did not mention that I was Army before that..did not want him to cry at my true awesomeness!

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