Biggest Shock Civvy to Soldier

Hi guy's want input from everyone all corps regs, I should be starting infantry soon (para reg)

Just want to know what's the hardest thing to get used to? Physical, Turn Out, Mental, ect
People like you are the hardest thing to get used to.
Making bed blocks was a bit of a shocker, running around the quadrangle with the bumper above your head was a pain, but not having mummy tuck me in every night I round the worst.


Everything. It's relentless.

For me, it was blanket punishment. And being bollocked constantly from (officially) 6am til (officially) 10pm. For fucking months.

I hated it. So will you if you've got any sense.
A constant is that of being told, via infinite variations, that you are utterly useless, unfit to shovel shit and an utter disgrace.

Then finally understanding that, for the moment at least, that is all too true.
The constant peer pressure to drink ever larger quantities of weapons grade alcohol. The horror....


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The biggest shock is that you will be serving with people like the chods who have replied to your quite sensible question.


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