Biggest non mil IT project about to collapse - NHS NPfIT

Accenture to quit NHS technology overhaul

Guardian said:
Accenture, the biggest and most successful regional contractor working on the NHS's troubled £6.2bn IT overhaul, is poised to pull out of the project. This will be a body blow for the NHS as Accenture has been responsible for deploying more than 80% of the systems installed so far by the four lead contractors under the National Programme for IT.

An exit deal has been agreed with health executives. A joint statement from Accenture and the NHS could be issued as early as tonight, when the consultancy firm is due to report full-year earnings figures in the US.
Theres a gob doctor that comes on the AMS site that not so long was telling us how this was the biggest and best ever IT programme in the world. Like I said to him at the time to a company like some of us work for its just another bloody project. Since his promotion of this ailing broadband roll out it has hit troubles only matched by Wembley. The company Isoft had there assests seized and were put under enquiry only a few weeks ago and now this shambles.
Stick to written prescriptions and doctors notes that no one can read. Its always worked. My piles are sorted!!!

Job centre for 1 x gob doctor. There must be a fat dental receptionist retiring in some back street surgery he can replace. £5.05 per hour I think the minimum wage. That should keep you in Colgate with whitener!!!
smithy749 said:
The company Isoft had there assests seized and were put under enquiry only a few weeks ago and now this shambles.
And now their bees knees! Plus Accenture the golden boys .... gone.

Its too much too soon, UK Medical Informatics was the leaders in the industry, competition created many excellent systems, all Connecting for Health did was stick a massive screwdriver into the system.
Maybe the systems needed more steering, the objectives could have been achieved far more cheaply e.g. we want systems that exchange medical records using HL7, providers would have done that at no (direct) cost to the NHS and some providers have done so since.

Its makes BOWMAN look like a well managed project. The funny thing is the DMS buyed into this project and they are more likely to have a NPfIT/CfH solution before the NHS, that has to be a first.
Thats a bit straight bat Bunny. Can't you enlighten us on the shambles of a project you are involved with. An insiders view would be appreciated. Maybe its not to disimilar to the shambles they call the Dental Corps. Home from home maybe.
Go on or are we going to be refered to some business website containing positive spin to convince the stakeholders they are getting a value for money product.
Public sector vermin. The drain on the taxpayer. Thats what you involved in. Pulic sector burocrocy and back handed dealing. Privatise the lot. Cut out the dead wood.

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