Biggest mistake of my life!

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Biggest **** up I ever made in my life was leaving the army not once but twice lol! Just sit on my arrse and be a lorry driver for tesco :(. I let woman get to me to much I got fucked over the second time when I left my Commanding officer at catterick at the time & rsm wanted me to stay and I said I dont wanna be in 2 minds and end up not being able to get out. Took the easy route. Could stayed in from when I was 17 and got a pension and a lump by the time I hit 40!!!!!!!!!!! Never thought this through though at the time. Oh well I keep the nation in marmite & pot noodles until something else comes along. Ps anyone ever heard of anyone joining up for the third time I know a mate of mine did and finally went to battalion (3 mercian). Not sure though I'm 23 its a long shot and I don't think I could go through the embarrassment of joining up for a third time, Id want my army number wiping and a fresh start which doesn't happen. Sorry for this random message.
my reports were gleaming i was top third of my platoon and never dropped below as and bs.... Not sure if i got snlr for leaving second time.
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