I will again try to bring the RAC forum alive again with this topic . What is the biggest pisstake you have seen by a non- F- echolon soldier .Here is my example . Whilst at the landing strip at AL AMARAH just after last christmas whilst waiting for a C-130, My SSM and i spotted a phoenix type Gunner wearing a Desert DPM para smock, lowa boots (good choice i must say ) a counter attached to his SA80 (iron sight) , more pouches than the 'Chippendales' on his webbing , illuminous goggles attached to his kevlar , and a scrim net over his desert helmet cover . Have any of you guys seen anything worse than this Walt ? :arrow:
Had an SSM (thankfully not mine) who took his apce stick on tour with him (Fingal 2) Bloke was a chopper, when he was RSM at MAidstone he got filled in in his own mess, twice!
Some REMF chopper CSM in the PWRR gave us his "special ops" type briefing for the journey to and from the landing strip in aforementioned Al Amarah. He was all Gucci's up in desert assault vest etc and was giving us all these actions on for us bods (left/right flanking, fire teams etc), bearing in mind we always travelled with about 2,3, or 4 warriors plus the same again in wolfs, and sometimes a Chally we hardly needed some bloke who never even went into the town giving it the big one about this trip.
OOH just remembered an even better one...
I'm a STAB and one of the STAB's who went on telic 4 with us was part of the QM's staff, he was also a cadet AI. so after repeatedly trying to biff his way onto the QM's dept of his coy he never managed it. ANYWAY on pre tour leave he went back to the TAC, and then the very next day to the cadet camp his cadets were attending, can anyone guess what this complete and utter chopper (who was also charged for falling asleep on the main gate of AZP, hehehehehehe) wore to the camp?? Comfy civvies??? shorts???? Oh noooooo sireeeeee, he wore his full desert DPM gear beacause "we're not allowed to wear green kit anymore" what an ARRSE!!!
Ooh also to liven this up, the QRL are a bunch of theiving scumbags!!! I mean who the hell would go around nicking snatch wheels because they couldnt be arsed going down to the MT to get theirs changed????? And thus we had to stack sandbags against the snatches to avoid them getting at the wheels. Bloody SCUM i tell you!!!
Old forum I know but how about this:

On TELIC in Camp Abu Naji their was a storeman who wore the following on his belt:

mobile phone in holder , gerber, knife, rank slide (on a wrist band), torch in holder, and to cop it all a little pikey gel bottle for washing his hands prior to all the meals that he was first in the queue for each day.That's how to measure the sign of a true REMF, the gear (and no idea) he holds on his belt and is likely never to use.